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July 17, 2017

GRRading GLobal activism

Hmm.. doomsday articles on 'Uninhabitable Earth', the Paris treaty talks @ Hamburg.. are we finally waking up?  Let's see now..

First there was this piece in NY Mag causing a flap:

Then these 2 notable pieces in response:
@ DeSmog.ca:

& Here are some of my comments:

Reporting facts is essential --it's what we need-- & delineating solutions equally key, not just for our psychology but for our very survival! (Added incentive!?) So i geT the urgency, in fact i shaRe the 'hellish' reporter's exasperation with --& hold responsible-- those 'in the know' who've kept these truths from the masses when they (our ignorant fellow humans) could already be on board, tackling & perfecting solutions together instead of wasting time vilifying those with the integrity to learn/face reality..

Isn't it obvious focusing solely on economics & 'growth' is unsustainable? (It's exactly what's brought us to this unforgivably polluted state!) Govt's need to HEED FACTS & QUIT ALLOWING GREEDY UNETHICAL CORP'S TO RAPE EARTH'S RESOURCES & THUS RUIN OUR FUTURE: ABUNDANT PROOF OF POISONING IS INNNN; WE CAN'T LET IT GO ON UNCHECKED! (The amT$ already reaped for short-term gain have long overtaxed supply & demanded replenishment; FaiLure to sow the necessary seeds for renewal = CRIMINAL NEGLECT, IF NOT SABOTAGE!)

'Soothing' (=brainwashing) the public is for sissies.. & those denying their own dishonest roles in this dire (unnecessary!) degradation of our natural environment: Giving back & going sustainable are the only sane options, as of yesTeRday! (DUH?) Can't we aLL just GET ON IT.. NOW??


I've been an activist for environment issues over a decade & with these recent articles (& my own exasperation with mainstream media's absence of integrity) I feel the need to kick more butt & motivate others into action with me!
Ps. Im thinking, from hearing politicians (eg. @ Paris talks) still smugly assuring ongoing 'economic growth' (?) (over sustainability! @Paris talks!!):  perhaps focusing on CLIMATE specifically clouds the issue (ya) & weLcomes denial -- whereas the overall problem, ie. UNSUSTAINABLE PLUNDER/MISUSE/WASTE OF EARTH'S NATURAL RESOURCES BY HUMANS, needs spelling out so everyone's on board & clear on the culprits/causes!?
 --EG. Acidic poison waste from mining shown to kill aLL natural lifeforms in its path downriver before gushing into the ocean, see NYTimes Grasberg Mine article-- so the IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE EFFECTS OF HUMAN OPERATIONS sink in..

That we're already affecting WEATHER --stages further down the line, after initial pollution has wreaked its immediate damage-- may be too confusing/ far-fetched for some (?), or removed far enough that our 'leaders' can preTend they're taking action when in reality they're letting the worst offenders (=POLLUTERS) conTinue their unsustainable operations that brought us to this dire point --cLimate stats being just the tip, but critical if NATO called down emissions (years ago)..

Since then our Govts. have done their public the disservice of as little as possible, since biz-as-usual keeps degrading & poisoning life on Earth (evidenced by rising poisonous emissions --toxic gasses-- & LOWERED OXYGEN COUNTS)

Our trusting natures & innate goodness cannot grasp the extent of the RUIN caused by self-serving corporations hellbent on acquiring wealth --'economic growth', not only allowed but PROMOTED FREELY by corrupt Govt's (eg. Canada -- a democracy, I know) instead of turning toxic waste-belching ops into sustainable clean-energy-driven machines that do the same jobs as their predecessors while leaving essential life-giving ecosystems (forests, oceans) thriving & renewing continually as they should..

Science doesn't lie, it's only those who vow to prioritize our best interests then pocket our taxes & lock us in polluted Hell, laughing as we bicker among ourselves vilifying David Suzuki of all people (BC's environment good-guy) while they let big-biz continue raping & poisoning our provider Mama Earth:  how is this 'going sustainable'?  Don't Govt's/polluters' families suffer too?

Now I get why some say "it's too late to change" (the most fatuous admission of uselessness) --another lie spouted mindlessly by employees/shills of polluting org's to lull the masses into inaction..

The solution?  Take back ouR politicians/Govt from their brainwashers, de-program them, & monitor them closely as we enforce transition out of harmful, polluting ops/utilities & use the hefty record-breaking fines paid by spenT polluters to embark on our recovery, powered by clean Geothermal, Electrical & Solar energy..


Wasn't it Mahatma Ghandi who said "Earth can provide for all its peoples' needs, just not their greed.."

& let's be real: conspicuous consumption by the wealthy puts these problems squarely on their greedy shoulders (& of course our govts', for allowing such obscene personal excess & NO requirements for giving back/ sowing what was reaped!!?)

Makes one wonder how big polluters, eg. Grasberg Mine, got permission in the 1st place to rape the land in question of all life to build their gold/copper $$-maker.. & kept going after all agriculture below, fish in river etc. died by poisoning. Which they denied. By then the Co. had their own military to protect from angry locals, who'd been sold out/lied to.. If the mine still operates today I suppose it's one big complicit party where everyone contributes to environmental degradation so who cares "oh what fun yeeha"

HOW can one not despair @ such indifference, knowing similar scenarios prevail? Where are all the journalists reporting on real shit happening in their locales? & we don't need to call it 'climate change': how bout just 'POLLUTION'?


[I'LL add 1 more - cuz i caN!]

If awareness is the 1st step 2 recovery, facing/ learning reality is the fundamental basis for growth/ improvement/ problem-solving/ progress -- key if we're to turn our futures around? -- & those who sit & argue/cry/deny can get left behind..

From when we learned the greenhouse-gas effect (in elementary school) we've watched in horror as Govts ignore us (& scientists/NATO) & let polluting industries create/ worsen this havoc --& STILL won't promise/plan proper action @ global forums like G20!!

Do we wait like sitting ducks @ the mercy of Govts allowing polluting operations (animal farming, deforestation, fossil fuels, Mining, plastics etc etc) to destroy all life on Earth, just so they can keep denying responsibility for failing to protect our futures?  Or MAKE POLLUTERS PAY FOR THE MESS THEY'VE MADE & FINANCE THE COST OF GOING SUSTAINABLE?

Proof of polluters' part in poisoning our Earth & atmosphere is plentiful:  TIME 2 SUE OUR GOVTS & USE THE PROCEEDS TO CONDUCT A GLOBAL RECOVERY/ TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABILITY (anything else is pointless, clearly)

"Doing the right thing moves us forward"
--AL Gore, An Inconvenient Truth