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So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

March 28, 2018

So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

[First, the FACTS - please read:
http://liberationbc.org/issuescat/the-canadian-seal-hunt/ ]

Second - SO U know:  i'm a diehard activist/ animal-rights advocate/ 'Earth-warrior'/ eco-activist whose first forays into activism over a decade ago began with the Stop Canada's Seal Hunt campaign -- which i've been actively supporting ever since.. (Doesn't say much for my activist's skills i realize.. but I'm still learning - ALWAYS learning!) but this issue has almost every activist/citizen/animal-lover STUMPED: WHY IS THIS DISGUSTINGLY CRUEL, ATROCIOUS, POINTLESS EVENT KEEP HAPPENING DESPITE BANNED MARKETS WORLDWIDE & GLOBAL PROTESTS BY MILLIONS?  OUR GOVT. NEEDS TO STOP SUBSIDIZING THESE SADISTIC 'HUNTERS' (they aren't even human!?) & END IT!

In light of news that Polar Bears (whose preferred prey = seals) are starving due to polar ice regression, those same useless 'fishermen' (= welfare bums who mostly just rely on Govt. handouts now, having over fished the seas to death) could migrate seals north-wards to let Nature take its course.. NO Canadian has the right to murder wildlife, let alone in such a cold-blooded & demeaning manner:  our Constitution says we must be STEWARDS OF OUR LAND & WILDLIFE! & the Seal Hunt violates these tenets X10 - as well as the laws of decency.. It's wrong & must end!

Third - this article was originally posted same day in 2013:  & STILL NOTHING'S CHANGED!  I'm FURIOUS!  FUCK THIS GOVT.. & #FuckTrudeau! (=Yet another Cdn. PM unfit for office..)

I just received an[other] email from one of the big non-profits of which i am a member, requesting [yet more] $upport to stop Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt  --decorated with a disturbingly familiar photo of a bloodied east-coast ice field covered with the butchered bodies of darling baby seals:  their distressed mamas (who are forced to watch) not in view-- & i began to FUME [again].  WHAT ABOUT PROMISES OF AN 'IMMINENT' SHUT-DOWN?  WHAT WAS DONE WITH ALL THE SUPPORT FROM LAST YEAR?  THE YEAR BEFORE?? (Must add up to MILLION$+!!  NO EXAGGERATION)

SO now --provoked to seething, wounded rage (hence a flurry of activism --giving, giving til i'm only good for hangin ouT 2 dry)-- i recall this time last year 'they' had virtually guaranTeed success via Senator Harb's bill proposing buy-outs of those soulless Newfie sadists.  Instead?  I'm forced to guess that Harbie's bill did NOT go thru --WHAT?  WITH ALL THAT BACK-UP? (YES the seal 'hunt' iS one of non-profits' biggest campaigns guaranteeing donations in the thousand$, if not million$, & signatures from 90,000+ people on at least 5 petitions/year:  uh-huh A LOTTA peops want it to end!!)  Doesn't take me long to figure that the wrenching turmoil of another bloody season of heartbreak & indignities inflicted on Canadian wildlife is imminent.. & there's nothing i --nor apparently anyone from PETA, IFAW or any other group 'committed' to ending this ATROCITY-- can do to convince my Govt. to stop the suffering before it starts again..

Now i'm really stressed.. & for the first time since joining that organization i find myself doubting their commitment to this wrenching cause. (cuz i just saw Iggy Pop renouncing it on TV!!?)

So I wrote them a letter - now featured on my Care2.com page:


Feel free to sign any or all of the petitions shown in that article!

[Photo of Brigitte Bardot with seal pup courtesy Paul Watson of SeaShepherd]

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