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So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

June 1, 2018

DEAR PM: the onLy way..

Dear PM Justin Trudeau,


HOW can we feel secure with a GOVT. LEADER who makes a conscious CHOICE to shaft his own people & use our $$ to prop up a U.S. biz.. & LIE to us about its benefits while hiding truths about its countless drawbacks..? Something's WRONG if our PM  ignores his own public (whom he's vowed to serve) in favour of following false advice by vested interests with destructive, evil agendas!?  Surely any decent adult with a brain can see this deal is NOT IN OUR BEST INTERESTS!?

The AB TarSands are an extreme climate calamity that need to be phased ouT to reduce our polluting emissions, as agreed via the Paris Accord, as well as save our precious forests/ wilderness (& wildlife habitat, threatend to near extinction by TarSands expansion - though we're bound by our Constitution to protect all wildlife, as responsible stewards?) 

Arent you MOVED by the outpouring of emotion/intent in crowds dying for you to understand this fight for their very LIVES? The courage/strength of the spirited Native people, to whom you promised a fresh new Reconciliation/ Respect, deserve recognition.  I can't believe you'd turn your back on our First Nations after promising the opposite: you could be a pioneer of Canada, a beloved PM leading our great country into Sustainability & hope for life on Earth!? Your pledge of tax $ towards clean water & legislation to protect First Nations sacred land, not propping up a failing oil giant, would be a huge step in Reconciliation & (L)earning their trust..

At this point, as Canadians panic seeing our leader acting like he hates not loves his people with a drastic decision that undermines our basic faith in human decency/ democracy, all we can do in our betrayed & broken state is try to rally together once again  for one final effort to convince you CANCELLING this harmful deal of terrible consequences (for you & your family too!?) is the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO RIGHT THIS WRONG OF THE HIGHEST MAGNITUDE (not just environmentally but financially:  Statoil, ExxonMobil, Marathon Petroleum, Total S.A., ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell & Koch Industries dumped $22.5 billion in AB bitumen assets recently, & many global banks, ins. co's & pension funds have vetoed future tar/oil sands financing!)

We can only hope & pray our PM sees the light & makes the right decision - the only decision with integrity:   STAND UP TO A FAILING U.S. OIL CO. & REFUSE TO BE SWAYED FROM DUTY FIGHTING FOR CANADIANS & A FUTURE THRIVING CANADA:  the only way to get the respect & support of all Canadians.. Please take the bull by the horns & cancel purchase of the KM pipeline immediately, to reinstate respect of Canada & avoid the disastrous results buying the KM Pipeline will bring..

Links to pertinent articles:
Article in The Energy Mix

The 'Rule of Law' & Notley's/Morneau's misuse thereof..

May 25, 2018

Letter to PM Trudeau #StopKM

The fight to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline from being built is going strong as KM hurls toward their May 31st deadline to decide.  WE Cdns are cringing @ Justin Trudeau (ouR own PM!) desperately offering to bail out the Big Oil giant with billion$ of PUBLIC DOLLARS!  Disgusting.. (He's supposed to be on OUR SIDE!)

Here's what the pipeline is expected to support: (Expansion  of Tar Sands!)
Rainforest Rescue petition

THRU 350.ORG I wrote this letter to PM Trudeau:

PM Trudeau: Bailing out the Kinder Morgan pipeline = RUIN for Canada -- & your 'rule' thereof..

Like many Canadians who wanted to 'Stop Harper', I was hopeful for a fresh, gReeneR way when you were elected Prime Minister.  What Canadian wasn'T excited about a platform that promised reaL action on climate change, reaL Reconciliation with First Nations & an end to fossil fuel subsidies?  Like the rest of the world, we've been waking up to the horrors humans conTinue(!?)  inflicting on our environment that SPELL RUIN ON OUR VERY FUTURES:  we can'T aFFoRd to continue clearcutting life-sustaining forests & poisoning the air, earth & water we (& all species) depend on to LIVE!!?

We're now @ a critical crossroads --& YOU are the leader Canadians elected to take us out of the polluted darkness into the lighT:  AWAY from corporate-sponsored, unlimited (+ unlivable)  'convenience'/ 'growth'/ pollution/ profiTs/ waste & TOWARD livable, sustainable processes that put requisite RENEWAL/SOWING back into aLL WE REAP --before it's too late..

WE CANNOT ACCEPT that your government now wants to use biLLion$ of public dollars to build a massive climate-disturbing pipeline that supports toxic Tar-Sands expansion, withouT Indigenous consent!???

WE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU, JUSTIN TRUDEAU et al., to act in OUR best interests & serve YOUR public as promised!  If you continue to back this destructive project, you wiLL LOSE THE RESPECT, SUPPORT & TRUST OF THE CANADIAN PUBLIC..

(Please DO NOT let us down!)

You can write a letter too -- @ this link:

March 28, 2018

So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

[First, the FACTS - please read:
http://liberationbc.org/issuescat/the-canadian-seal-hunt/ ]

Second - SO U know:  i'm a diehard activist/ animal-rights advocate/ 'Earth-warrior'/ eco-activist whose first forays into activism over a decade ago began with the Stop Canada's Seal Hunt campaign -- which i've been actively supporting ever since.. (Doesn't say much for my activist's skills i realize.. but I'm still learning - ALWAYS learning!) but this issue has almost every activist/citizen/animal-lover STUMPED: WHY IS THIS DISGUSTINGLY CRUEL, ATROCIOUS, POINTLESS EVENT KEEP HAPPENING DESPITE BANNED MARKETS WORLDWIDE & GLOBAL PROTESTS BY MILLIONS?  OUR GOVT. NEEDS TO STOP SUBSIDIZING THESE SADISTIC 'HUNTERS' (they aren't even human!?) & END IT!

In light of news that Polar Bears (whose preferred prey = seals) are starving due to polar ice regression, those same useless 'fishermen' (= welfare bums who mostly just rely on Govt. handouts now, having over fished the seas to death) could migrate seals north-wards to let Nature take its course.. NO Canadian has the right to murder wildlife, let alone in such a cold-blooded & demeaning manner:  our Constitution says we must be STEWARDS OF OUR LAND & WILDLIFE! & the Seal Hunt violates these tenets X10 - as well as the laws of decency.. It's wrong & must end!

Third - this article was originally posted same day in 2013:  & STILL NOTHING'S CHANGED!  I'm FURIOUS!  FUCK THIS GOVT.. & #FuckTrudeau! (=Yet another Cdn. PM unfit for office..)

I just received an[other] email from one of the big non-profits of which i am a member, requesting [yet more] $upport to stop Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt  --decorated with a disturbingly familiar photo of a bloodied east-coast ice field covered with the butchered bodies of darling baby seals:  their distressed mamas (who are forced to watch) not in view-- & i began to FUME [again].  WHAT ABOUT PROMISES OF AN 'IMMINENT' SHUT-DOWN?  WHAT WAS DONE WITH ALL THE SUPPORT FROM LAST YEAR?  THE YEAR BEFORE?? (Must add up to MILLION$+!!  NO EXAGGERATION)

SO now --provoked to seething, wounded rage (hence a flurry of activism --giving, giving til i'm only good for hangin ouT 2 dry)-- i recall this time last year 'they' had virtually guaranTeed success via Senator Harb's bill proposing buy-outs of those soulless Newfie sadists.  Instead?  I'm forced to guess that Harbie's bill did NOT go thru --WHAT?  WITH ALL THAT BACK-UP? (YES the seal 'hunt' iS one of non-profits' biggest campaigns guaranteeing donations in the thousand$, if not million$, & signatures from 90,000+ people on at least 5 petitions/year:  uh-huh A LOTTA peops want it to end!!)  Doesn't take me long to figure that the wrenching turmoil of another bloody season of heartbreak & indignities inflicted on Canadian wildlife is imminent.. & there's nothing i --nor apparently anyone from PETA, IFAW or any other group 'committed' to ending this ATROCITY-- can do to convince my Govt. to stop the suffering before it starts again..

Now i'm really stressed.. & for the first time since joining that organization i find myself doubting their commitment to this wrenching cause. (cuz i just saw Iggy Pop renouncing it on TV!!?)

So I wrote them a letter - now featured on my Care2.com page:


Feel free to sign any or all of the petitions shown in that article!

[Photo of Brigitte Bardot with seal pup courtesy Paul Watson of SeaShepherd]

Liberation BC's About the Seal Hunt

January 18, 2018


Being an activist, participant & supporter of many grassroots campaigns (successful & not), the blow of losing the #StopSiteCDam fight despite strong campaign & overwhelming support has weighed heavily. Time to step up my game --& that of fellow activists-- & prioritize WINNING causes/fights we believe in! Borrowing heavily from the huge volume of advice on the timely topic, i've started this Work In Progress - a 'must-do' list:

●(Feb.14) To offset Site C disappointment & celebrate a long-awaited victory re. Prosperity Mine's rejection (Article: Taseko Loses Court Battle Over New Prosperity Mine), I'm adding this one at the top of list:  PERSEVERANCE.. along with a link to my original letter to CEAA (ya it's good.. & long!) with strong arguments opposing Taseko's first bid for Prosperity Mine: Letter to CEAA: Prosperity Mine

You can write all the scathing tweets & heartfelt FB posts you want, but the truth is rhetoric rarely persuades. The way to change minds is through face-to-face engagement. This is what President Obama meant when he said he won Iowa in 2008 because he “spent 87 days going to every small town, fair, fish fry & VFW hall.” Similarly, progress on LGBT rights has not been made just because of eloquent arguments, but because of all the many personal interactions between straight people & their gay friends, neighbors & colleagues.

●Listen & Learn
Talk to those around you; actively hear their stories & learn how the issue affects their lives. By listening, you show the fight isn't just about you --  & you build relationships & trust.  History has shown lasting change is made collectively not individually, by groups/communities with a common belief at their core & a bond of trust among participants.

The more complicated a strategy or tactic, the harder it is to carry out, and the less likely it'll be successful. You can ask a few people to do a lot of things, particularly if they’re committed activists. If you want hundreds or thousands to participate in a campaign, you need to ask the majority of them to do just one thing @ a time, together.

●Common interest
Most people are motivated primarily by self-interest. As a creative community organizer, you must try to figure out people’s common self-interest, the glue that binds political organizations & movements. (Eg. Huge wave of support against our City Council's plan to shut down Insite is what kept Insite open in the end.)

●Create a clear goal
One of the greatest reasons for the DAP protesters’ success was the adherence to a clearly outlined goal & reasons for it:  ie. do not construct this pipeline, as it will infringe upon sacred sites & jeopardize Native Americans’ necessary water supplies

●Social media
Social media has expanded membership bases & enlarged participant pools by proving itself to be a constant means of spreading news & gaining supporters.

The key to any movement’s success is variety in its participants. Because DAP hosted everyone from Vietnam vets to Lissa Yellowbird-Chase (Murdoch-Crane’s guide through the encampment) to multiple sectors, it boasted the multiplicity in its membership that ensured success.

●Connect with other groups
While we usually notice successful movements after they have begun to attract large crowds & hold massive demonstrations, those are effects, not causes, of successful mobilization. It is when small groups connect --which has become exponentially easier in the digital age-- that they gain their power.

November 16, 2016


This coulda been our nod to native roots, a Musqueam Memorial Park that honoured our history with a proper 'GreenestCity' gateway..

See original timeline via photos of my attempts to save this urban parkland: FLicKR.com/ParkInPeril/.

I'm revising this post's date to put it closer to the top:  Key lesson --that trying & failing is, still, FAiLing! Grr..

[Jan. 2012]  I've been away - head in the clouds (well, on the Island actually).  Which i regret.  Cuz meanwhile, Vancouver's City Council has APPROVED another massive concrete 'mixed-use' tower complex called 'MARINE GATEWAY' @ Cambie & SW Marine (the 'Marine Drive' Canada Line station).  I was there for the first time in months recently, & my heart froze @ signs showing what's in store for this gallant patch of green...

Situated smack on traffic-heavy S.W. Marine, in a rare relief of sloping parkland, at least 30 thriving old-growth trees - some towering 4-5 storeys tall - silently await their fate,  as advertised on giant billboards littering the park.  Their replacement is depicted as a glittering urban centre bustling with nightlife:  a  slap in the face for residents of Marpole, one of Van's MOST TRAFFIC-CONGESTED spots where air quality is saved onLy by this tranquil urban park..

So THAT's what Vision Vancouver's future 'GREENEST CITY' is about?  'DE-greening' would more accurately describe what's been proposed here -- if not TOTAL DISREGARD FOR OUR 'PROTECTION OF TREES' BYLAW:
This news article clarifies some facts:  

I went back & photographed this pending death-zone so you could see the stately elders that have outlived their human counterparts (ie. our ancestors, @ least those of us from BC) & provided countless benefits -- including mitigating nearby industry pollution -- as Marpole's only park oasis..

A month or 2 after these were taken, this site had fast degraded to become a dumping-ground of advertising, billboards (more than what you see here), litter and random equipment such as excavators.

Here are PCI's heLLish plans for Marine Gateway:
& the City of Vancouver's Marine Gateway planning page: 

[Nov. 16, 2012:  i cried my eyes out when, some months later, i drove past Cambie & Marine & looked to where those carbon-catching wonders had been bulldozed off the map as feared, along with every wild lifeform they'd supported, & replaced with the relentless snarling grind of construction --  our new concrete 'gateway' into a fictional 'Greenest City' -- CouveNiRs,  city of lost yesteryears.  My heart's still heavy with the weight of faiLing Mama NaTuRe (CRIES!) but I won't give up -- just need to find others who GET IT & work together to LEGiSLATE protection from govt. corruption/ heritage destruction..]

UPDATE:  City Hall enquiry underway -- click on FLICKR. com/ParkInPeril/7)

June 8, 2016

Letter from GREENPEACE re. Arctic drilling..

Dear Sarah,
At last! Shell has left Canadian Arctic waters!
Two months ago, I wrote to you with the news that Shell was trying to block the creation of a protected area in Lancaster Sound, Nunavut -- using oil exploration permits that expired in the 1970s. What’s worse, Shell said it wouldn’t give up its expired permits and allow the region to be protected, unless it could carry out seismic blasting there first.
But today, I have good news: Shell has finally given up its dodgy oil permits in Lancaster Sound! Public controversy around Arctic oil and a lawsuit that was launched to force them to give up the permits have worked. Share the news and call on Trudeau to protect this region for good. 
With Shell once again fleeing the Arctic with its tail between its legs, the way is finally cleared for this very important area to be protected. Lancaster Sound, located in the Northwest passage of the Canadian Arctic, is a stunningly beautiful landscape home to a spectacular array of wildlife including polar bears, seabirds and narwhals. Local Inuit - who depend on the region for their food, livelihoods and culture - have been fighting to protect this region for decades!
It’s now up to the Trudeau government to protect Lancaster Sound permanently. Share the news and call on Prime Minister Trudeau stand up for Indigenous rights by protecting the Arctic. 
Every day we’re seeing more indications that Arctic oil has no future. In order to fight climate change and safeguard the livelihood of millions around the planet, the Arctic must be protected.
Working together I know we can secure permanent protection for this amazing region.
In solidarity,
Alex Speers-Roesch Arctic Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada
P.S. Prime Minister Trudeau has pledged to protect the Arctic, defend Inuit rights and take leadership on climate change. Let's hold him to that promise. 

We don't accept any money from companies or governments so we can be independent and challenge anyone who threatens the planet or peace. To help us keep fighting climate change, defending our oceans and protecting ancient forests, please make a regular donation. Thank you!

Greenpeace Canada, 33 Cecil Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1

June 6, 2016


Burns Bog (Maqwum) - also known as the "Lungs of the Lower Mainland" - is a huge (40 sq.km.) peat bog occupying about a quarter of Delta, BC, the largest domed peat bog on the west coast of North America. Maqwum is its indigenous name.

Burns Bog is globally unique on the basis of its chemistry, form, flora and size. Despite significant disturbances to the ecosystem - including development, extensive peat mining and fire - Burns Bog remains an important contributor to the region's ecology and sustains a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many rare species.  Its nickname 'the Lungs of the Lower Mainland' refers to the bog's role as a climate regulator, as well as its function as an effective carbon sink (absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and lowering C02 levels).  Numerous zoning codes have been enacted to protect the bog from development and retain its original state, in hopes of preservation for future generations.

According to Environment Canada and other groups, the bog ecosystem is under threat from the proposed South Fraser Perimeter Road, a new 4-lane expressway that is part of the BC Ministry of Transportation's Gateway Program currently under construction (expected to be completed by 2013).

One of the main objectives of the Gateway Program is to reduce congestion-related idling by freeing up the traffic movement south of the Fraser River.  Although the Province's environmental assessment projects that SFPR will reduce congestion-related pollution, overall pollution as well as truck traffic will be significantly increased. This is a deep concern for many citizens and local environmentalists pushing for a decrease in our greenhouse gas emissions.

While the SFPR does not go through the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area, there is concern that it will adversely affect the Conservancy area and surrounding hydrology.  In response to the mitigation measures proposed by the SFPR Project, the Environmental Stewardship Branch of Environment Canada wrote that "... the changes are not sufficient to alleviate its concerns related to the impacts of the Project on Pacific Water Shrew (PWS), hydrology, aerial deposition, and ecological integrity of Burns Bog.".*

Burns Bog has been listed as threatened by the International Mire Conservation Group because of the impacts of the SFPR.

Burns Bog Conversation Society is working to protect this globally unique ecological wonder in Delta, BC

SIGN THIS PETITION:  Burns Bog UNESCO World Heritage Site designation - HERE:

PUBLIC COMMENTS:Here's my signature:
Name: Sarah Chesterman on May 22, 2011
Comment: This precious ecosystem must be protected! Its importance as a carbon sink and the "lungs of the Lower Mainland" have already been recognized and established, and the detrimental effects of paving it over would be catastrophical - not only for the health of all Lower Mainland residents, but for the wildlife species at risk that rely on its riches. Restoring this bog ecosystem and preserving its integrity - keeping in line with the tenets outlined in www.smartgrowth.bc.ca - are the only actions that serve the public's best interests, along with addressing and shouldering our global responsibilities. Ignoring opportunities to respect the land that feeds us and become sustainable would be BC's greatest downfall of all... "We cannot change the past but we can shape the future by our actions."
* Info from http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/
Burns Bog Conservation Society:  http://www.burnsbog.org/bog//
The Corporation of Delta's Burns Bog site:  http://www.burnsbog.ca/

[Pics from Flemming's Churchill Fellowship blog, http://flemmingulf.wordpress.com/]

[This article first posted same day 2011]

June 27, 2015


[UPDATE May 17, 2013]

Proving 'Time Flies' even when you're noT having fun, it's hard to believe my blog post vigorously opposing Compliance Coal Corporation's Raven Coal Mine proposal was written two years ago, on June 27 2011 - & the Wilderness Committee's tireless campaign against the heinous project dates back even further...

The good news is that B.C.'s Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has rejected an application for the Raven Coal Mine. - here's a link to this news item in The Tyee: Raven Coal Mine.

However, as the article states, yesterday (May 16th) the EAO sent a letter to Compliance president and CEO John Tapics stating that the application didn't include all the information required and would therefore not proceed to the next stage: a more detailed review followed by a public comment period.

As The Tyee's Colleen Kimmett reports, "According to the EAO's evaluation, the application was missing information on key areas, including local drinking water impacts, consultation with First Nations, and plans for mine decommissioning and site remediation.

"Compliance has the option of re-submitting its application, but for now, Wilderness Committee campaigner Torrance Coste is calling this 'another indication that this mine doesn't belong on Vancouver Island.'"

Please visit the Wilderness Committee to become more informed - & involved - on issues crucial to the future health of all British Columbians...

Here's my letter to the Provincial Government:

TO:  BC Minister of the Environment

A born-and-bred British Columbian with family ties to Fanny Bay and an active interest in sound ecological/environmental initiatives, I was distressed to learn of Compliance Energy's plans to build Raven Coal Mine in this idyllic spot.

No decision on this should be made without knowledge of the area to be affected.  Anyone unfamiliar with Fanny Bay ought to be required to bring it up on Google Maps' 'street view' and navigate throughout the region – an exercise that would highlight the mind-boggling perversity of choosing Fanny Bay as the location for a coal mine.  Its tranquil setting – which has become a valuable vacation destination as well as a favoured retirement haven – could not be more UNSUITED to having a mine operating in its midst.

 Fanny Bay, BC
The detrimental effects of such a project on nearby/neighbouring ecosystems and environmental quality would be catastrophic and irreversible – and must be considered in assessing the viability of Raven Coal Mine. The far-reaching, well-documented dangers and health risks of coal mining – including devastating ecological, economic and social impacts – would have lasting consequences on the Comox and Alberni Valleys.

The whole Baynes Sound watershed would be adversely affected by this operation. Heavy metal leakage and acid rock drainage would threaten aquatic life and the important local aquaculture industry, which employs more than 600 residents and relies for its very existence on the health of its waters. Toxic waste substances deposited directly into the environment would impact local drinking water, salmon bearing streams and marine health. Such deleterious effects could not be mitigated or reversed. GHG's, including the release of methane gas, would add over 80 million tonnes of polluting gases to Earth's atmosphere – unsustainable by all accounts. To put an entire community through this amount of hardship/stress is not only unethical, but irresponsible.

Clean, sustainable alternatives to high-impact operations like coal mining must be implemented now in order to have clean air, clean water and a healthy natural environment. Allowing a coal mine to be built, armed with contemporary knowledge of coal mining's predictable effects on our planet's human, plant and wildlife populations, is tantamount to genocide by poisoning the land/water via what ought to be considered an obsolete process.


For more information and/or to help influence decisions:
[This article was first posted here same day in 2011]

September 20, 2014

Act NOW on Site C - beFore it's too LATE!

Just got this important email from PVEA incuding info for sending letters to government - please send one soon + help impact BC's sustainable future!

                                                                  Photo:  Garth Lenz
Dear Sarah,

Our efforts to stop Site C dam are having a strong impact!
“Site C isn’t a fait accompli…we’ll only decide to recommend it to cabinet if it is the best way to respond to (electricity) need. “  BC Minister of Energy, Bill Bennett, September 10, 2014,Vancouver Sun.
Clearly Minister Bennett is starting to see the light when it comes to Site C due to the information he is being presented with by a multitude of sources including you.  Last week, a consortium of interests, representing industry, valley landowners as well as municipal, regional and First Nations governments held a press conference to inform government and British Columbians that Site C is NOT in their best interests!
“It’s going to have a legacy of wealth destruction…It’s going to sap the province’s ability to raise money and borrow money;  to do other things, such as infrastructure, hospitals, schools – all the things we need to do.”  Dan Potts, former executive director of the Association of Major Power Users of BC
Let’s build on this momentum!  Let’s ensure that both the provincial and federal governments reach the right conclusion on Site C before it’s too late!
A decision on the environmental assessment for Site C is expected this fall.  We need to make sure we’re heard NOW!
Please send a letter to Premier Christy Clark and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ensure their governments say “NO” to Site C...
Say “NO” to:
  • Wasting taxpayers’ money on a project that isn’t needed
  • Destroying over 30,000 acres of unique Peace River Valley agricultural land that can feed a million British Columbians and will replace traditional food producing lands, now drought-ridden
  • Expropriating multi-generational farm families from their homes and way of life
  • Flooding First Nations’ gravesites and significantly impacting their ability to carry out rights guaranteed in their treaty
  • Destroying over 17,000 acres of boreal forest plus wetlands, home to wildlife and migratory birds, some of which are endangered species
  • Causing the complete loss of three species of fish in the Peace River and its tributaries
  • Leaving future generations with a legacy of environmental destruction and massive debt
Send your letters to:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900
Email: stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca
Premier Christy Clark
PO Box 9041
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E1
Email: premier@gov.bc.ca
Thank you so much for your continuing support.  Please send your letter NOW before it’s too late! 

For the Peace,
Andrea Morison, Peace Valley Environment Association (PVEA)

February 14, 2014

Letter to GovT: Please uphold the ban on Seal-Hunt products!

{i'm on a ROLL}  YOU oughta write one too -
Use this link:  HSI Letter  

                                                                (from Humane Society website)

This is what i added (inside HSI's intro & ending in blue):

SUBJECT:  Please withdraw Canada's WTO challenge

Dear Decision Maker,
I am writing to express my strong opposition to Canada's request for a dispute panel to be established at the World Trade Organization in response to the European Union ban on seal product trade.
After a decade of increasingly active campaigning opposing Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt, i have come close to despair at Government's strange refusal to even acknowledge its rising swell of opposition - despite record-breaking numbers joining in the rally to 'Stop the Seal Hunt!', via numerous petitions boasting 100's of 1,000's of signatures, global high-profile celebrity appeals & involvement by virtually all large animal-welfare non-profits besides HSI:  PETA, IFAW, WSPA & many others.  I've watched wistfully as other, smaller, campaigns achieve results... cheered when the EU seal-products ban was announced... & cried tears of joy when Putin banned all seal-hunt trade in Russia.  Yet --still-- we Canadians are forced to suffer the shame of seeing our public servants (INEXPLICABLY) dig in their heels, refuse to compromise & stubbornly support the Seal 'Hunt' using lies, misinformation & misnomers via mainstream media.
On video-streaming websites like YouTube, the general public can see exactly what this appalling event is about.  If you have never seen it (& it seems that is the case), i recommend you view for yourself exactly WHO & WHAT you are supporting using OUR tax dollars, against most Canadians' wishes.  You will see why much of this footage comes with warnings of its graphic nature 'not suitable for children'.  You will see that, contrary to what you may be told, there's NOTHING noble, 'traditional' --or even HONEST-- about this supposed 'way of life' (which First Nations don't even support).
Full info @ this link:  The Cdn. Seal Hunt

NOBODY I know (including me) WANTS to watch filmed footage of the Seal 'Hunt':  the most disturbing, sadistic display of cowardly violence i have ever had the misfortune to witness.  Even if the Seal 'Hunt' WERE economically sound, sustainable & humane (which it's clearly NOT), the extreme distress inflicted so brutally would, for most Canadians, cancel out any benefits.  As with other questionable stances taken by Govt. recently, it appears we're being led away from future self-sufficiency/ sustainability, against the wishes of 86% of citizens & against our constitution (which asks us to be 'wildlife stewards') while condoning abuse of young wild seals in their own native habitat (which our constitution says must be protected) in a remote community that becomes more of a burden/drain each year...

PM Harper's reckless WTO challenge to the EU ban would cost Canadian taxpayers an estimated $10 million --yet another subsidy to the sealing industry stolen from the overwhelming majority of Canadians who want it to end-- just as Canada attempts to negotiate a trade deal with the European Union reportedly worth $12 billion annually to our economy.   It seems incomprehensible to risk beneficial relations with our second largest trading partner (leaders in sustainable technologies as well as our key source of ecotourism) while rushing to push through a dodgy deal (FIPPA) with an undemocratic republic (China) whose environmental record is already the world's WORST! These are not the sound moves of a well-informed government.

I implore you to consider the many benefits of upholding/ respecting EU's ban - aside from purely economic ones, which are no-brainers. We must see this ban as a blessing, an opportunity to free Canada from unnecessary dependencies & thus pave the way for modern, streamlined, sustainable technologies that don't involve destroying crucial wildlife ecosystems, disrespecting other life forms or polluting our environment.
I am asking that you immediately withdraw the WTO challenge against the EU & do everything in your power to put a final end to 'Canada's Shame', the Commercial Seal Hunt.

Sarah Chesterman
Vancouver, BC

January 4, 2014

Oppose SITE C DAM-age to BC {Part II}

As an addendum to my (April 5th) post on this crucial BC matter - to which all BCers would be unequivocably opposed if properly informed of Site C dam's repercussions, i.e. its resulting degradation of BC's air/ land/ water quality (eg. our precious natural resources, without which we have a 3rd-world future) - via the letter template found @ StopSiteC.org sent to relevant government officials...

I am extremely concerned about Site C's effects on the following:

- Hundreds of productive working farms in this fertile region would literally be washed away by flooding, along with their invaluable, sustainable food-security benefits & services! To even contemplate such irreversible destruction of BCers' livelihoods & future self-sufficiency - which could not be mitigated - is a terrifying testament to BC's inept (if not willfully corrupt) business/government/utility leaders re. environmental/ resource mgmt. protection issues impacting this province.  NONE OF THESE ENTITIES have the constitutional right to green-light such misuse of our province's human/natural resources without due process comprising carefully considered analysis of any such project's effects.

- My fellow BC citizens operating viable agricultural outfits in the Peace River Valley - many for several generations - are naturally concerned that Site C Dam would forever RUIN not only their own livelihoods but those of BC's richly fertile agricultural industry as a whole & the Peace River Valley's prolific part in it.  Such a prospect is not merely conjecture but an inarguably predictive adjunct of Site C's development, which would turn longtime Peace River inhabitants out of their established farms/homes & render them refugees in their own province - as well as turning one of the world's richest agricultural oases into a derelict floodplain (i.e. adding to unsustainable waste production) NOT TO PROVIDE FOR BC'S ENERGY NEEDS BUT TO SERVE INCREASED FOSSIL-FUEL/ FRACKING/TARSANDS PRODUCTION FOR EXPORT TO CHINA, ALREADY THE WORLD'S WORST POLLUTER.  Thousands of BCers have expressed repeated opposition to this appalling direction & called for transition to clean, renewable energy production in the face of government's negligent disregard for its own citizens' futures.

I.E. Building Site C Dam would entail AN ENSUING DISASTER SITUATION OF CATASTROPHIC PROPORTIONS FOR BC'S LAND & PEOPLE. This is irresponsible, short-sighted & unacceptable...

- Further deleterous effects of Site C Dam include putting BC's indigenous wildlife species in peril, include destruction via flooding of already-diminished critical habitat which would further limit access to the ecosystems on which wild species such as Cariboo, Grizzly Bear, Coyotes, Wolves & many others depend for their survival.  Such serious threats to BC's healthy biodiversity (= also a measuring-tool of human health) are significant.  Yet Site C's proposal looms over this precarious balancing-act as a very real threat highlighting another foreboding aspect of governmental ignorance that would signal failure to meet their most basic pledges dedicating allegiance to BC's best interests - which includes protecting BC's precious wildlife species, along with their habitats & our province's healthy biodiversity in general.

- The above points do not even take into consideration  Site C Dam's necessary destruction (through flooding) of First Nations heritage sites, including burial grounds & places of cultural/spiritual significance along with their low-footprint way of life which they have sustained (& which have sustained BC's natural riches) for centuries.  Such disgraceful (mis)treatment of our native people ought to be deal-breaking grounds for refusal by ANY assessment panel. If Government were smart, & forward-thinking, our First Nations would rightfully hold top consulting positions in all land management matters & our required critical transition to clean-energy/sustainable technologies which need to take place NOW, as per global directives on climate-change & emissions reduction. THAT is the forward-thinking business of any modern government entity, in order to secure futures - the LEGACIES to which Ms. Clark referred so frequently in her recent electoral campaign.  If there are to be any 'legacies' for BCers then economic returns must be bolstered by smart, sustainable resource management - i.e. safeguarding our forests, lakes, mountains, rivers etc. from unsustainable development/ industry.  If we don't, pollution will poison our fresh-water sources & cripple any chances of providing legacies for future generations. Building Site C Dam would further contribute to environmental damage via rising carbon emissions, in polar opposition to NASA's warnings that these levels MUST decrease to reverse global warming trends...

- FOR ONCE let's be smart vis-a-vis conservation of BC's precious native fauna/ flora (= the bulwarks of future survival/ sustainability) & respect for our First Nations, without whose knowledgeable/ skillful preservation of its ongoing bounty/ renewal BC's valuable forests & natural resources would be non-existent today.  Building Site C Dam would degrade both, jeopardizing BC's health & the lives of future generations.
- The financial cost to B.C. taxpayers, who would have to shoulder this $8 billion megaproject - NOT for the purpose of domestic consumption but to facilitate further unsustainable fossil-fuel/operations & increased pollution - makes this proposed project that much more untenable to BC & our future as a thriving province.

Why is BC, apparently a wealthy part of the world (for many), so desperate to continue favouring big-money POLLUTERS??


(photo by Graham Osborne of WildernessCommittee.org)

May 10, 2013

My response to THE DEATH OF TRUTH by Chris Hedges...

Here's the article on TruthDig.com:
Hedges' Death of Truth

As mentioned, many of these sickly 'secrets' ALREADY came out, in 2010. Are they worse than what came out about the WWII camps? Russian totalitarianism? African slavery? aboriginal genocide? religious rape-and-pillage? apartheid? British imperialism? China's pollution? Truth gets out - with or without WikiLeaks - & it ALWAYS shows how those in 'power' betray their own with evil agendas, manipulative lies, tyranny ETC... using the money & power vested in them and/or stolen from their own. And when these gross testaments to corruption ARE revealed - AFER THE FACT - the humiliated 'host' country's public is usually absolved in a show of global understanding, while their traitorous 'leaders' are targeted & turned out...

Maybe what the U.S. leaders really fear is dissolution of unnatural/unnecessary hierarchies (i.e. world peace)?

If the internet has taught us anythng, it's that most people - regardless of petty differences like race, religion, etc. - aim to get along with others & help their fellow humans make a better world. Wars have proven CATASTROPHIC over time (however we're convinced otherwise by divisive warmongers): crippling repercussions of decisions by controlliers... The sick joke is, even dire disasters can be traced not to elevating inspiration by noble specimens of greatness but to crimes against humanity committed out of desperation/ fear/ paranoia/ psychosis;: the inevitable danger/ stupidity of having too few control too many.

This Wiki-Gate seems unique in that, FOR ONCE, we the '99%' are getting glimpses into America's weaknesses - BEFORE any rash decisions can set off more 'unprecedented' misery. We - not just Mr. Assange - are, as Hedges says, 'IN LIMBO', watching fascinated as the Empire is exposed & reduced by its own hyperbolic terror. WE have the upper hand, armed with rare 20/20 foresight~! Do we turn the tables on centuries of bungling abuse/ mis-rule/ treachery while we can? WELL.. YA!! (duh?)

Rather than jump on bandwagons built by our controlling 'cons' - regardless of 'nationality' & such BS man-made constructs (cuz we've ALL been HAD by has-beens green-lighting every dirty demand of the polluting 'global elite') - we need to join in global solidarity, get those greedy geezers grovelling, & say "ENOUGH!!" We'll turn the tables on the politicians & won't let go til every item on our 'List' is GRANTED...

At the top, i trust, will be curtailment of the worst offenses ravaging our/ kids'/ grandkids' futures, starting with deforestation & continuing thru sustainable transition:  the only way to guarantee thriving futures free from added handicaps filling our horizons (& our history books)...

April 5, 2013

Oppose SITE C DAM-age to BC {Part I: my letter)

[via LeadNow.ca]

RE:  Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for 'Site C' Dam

Dear Mr. Bennett/ Ms. Jones,

I am writing to let you know that the EIS for the Site C dam fails to adequately assess the significance of potential and cumulative impacts of Site C in the following ways:

* Constructing Site C would necessitate a third reservoir on the river, which would destroy virtually all of the historic Peace River that remains within B.C.

* Site C would flood a wildlife-rich landscape that also contains important aboriginal burial & other archeological sites.

* The EIS does not consider the impacts of the existing dams & reservoirs on the Peace River.

* Fracking & tar sands extraction are NOT environmentally-sound energy production methods, at a crucial crossroads vis-a-vis global directives to reduce our C02 emissions by 2020.  Site C & other assists to fossil-fuel/tar-sands extraction would raise Canada's carbon 'footprint', already at unsustainable levels.  See http://climate.nasa.gov/causes for further info.

[Image from www.bcpeace.com]
* Peace River is the largest agricultural region in British Columbia, & its grain production is a crucial source of food/income for this province.  Flooding the area would negatively impact this important BC industry.

* While other countries are spending money & working hard to develop clean-energy sources/ technologies, Canada has been negligent vis-a-vis its global responsibilities by continuing to hone emissions-heavy, non-renewable fuel extraction – of which Site C would be another part.  Canada needs to stop polluting & start operating sustainably. 

* Wide-ranging animals – such as wolverine, lynx & woodland caribou – are virtually excluded from the assessment.  This is not an example of forward-thinking assessment in any sense, not only in terms of healthy biodiversity but in the basic planning for a clean-energy future.  Canada is situated at the outset of becoming the wildlife-watching hotspot in the world, with billions of dollars in potential tourist income – but only if we preserve what wilderness remains.  The proposed area for Site C dam is one of the premier wildlife habitats in the world, which would be – stupidly – destroyed for short-term financial gain to help China further pollute the global atmosphere using unsustainable methods of fossiel-fuel extraction - i.e. fracking - right here in BC: UNACCEPTABLE!

* Peace River region wildlife populations already are unacceptably impacted by intense human activity & development. The only appropriate response is to deny approval of the Site C dam and implement a comprehensive management approach that will ensure the recovery of at-risk species like grizzly bears & caribou.  Site C would require development of an enormous area of Canadian wilderness, placing undue stress on our fresh water supplies which our native wildlife species also depend on for survival.  Such a compromise is, of course, unthinkable.

* Canada needs to better utilize its extensive research/science resources to update & upgrade the stale old status quo plugged ad infinitum by Resource Minister (& national embarrassment) Joe Oliver.  We need to step away from over-emphasis on superficial politics & stop spending money on expanding polluting industries.  INSTEAD, we must get down to serious business forming/ funding/ negotiating/ planning/ regulating clean-energy technologies in order to lessen our impact on wilderness habitats AND become sustainable (i.e. win-win).

* We the public have not been given adequate information on this project, nor full accountability from our public servants as to exactly WHAT purpose – if not province-wide energy supply – its construction would serve.  Meanwhile encroachment into wildlife habitat areas continues with as little public consultation/ process as govt. & industry can get away with – AS IF BOTH OPPOSE THE PUBLIC'S INPUT/ INVOLVEMENT! Such reckless disregard for the very sources of their own livelihoods AND for existing/ necessary legislation indicates a FAILING at the basic fundamental level of their sworn parliamentary pledges.  We do not pay our  govt. officials hefty salaries so they can get away with pandering to industry's demands, at our expense. Govt.'s JOB is to protect & serve its people – not sell out our autonomy/ environmental health to the lowest bidders. In light of dangers/ dilemmas before BC'ers vis-a-vis polluting industries (IT'S WHAT THEY DO:  FRACKING IS ONE OF THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE, HARMFUL & THREATENING ACTIVITIES ON EARTH!!), we simply can't AFFORD to have our own elected public servants operate behind our backs, ignore us & allow destruction of our most valuable resources - i.e. our FRESH WATER & our WILDERNESS.  A Govt. that tries to pull the wool over its own people's eyes about danger growing in its businesses/ industries is a threat to our own best interests & well-being.  And since Site C specifically allows for increased fracking operations, largely for an overseas market, its construction would be environmentally irresponsible & unsustainable, & therefore untenable.

* Pretending Site C dam is not one of the most devastating projects ever proposed in Canada, of a scale that would affect an enormous landmass comprimising healthy ecosystems (i.e. a renewable resource & key source of sustenance), suggests that Govt. is gung-ho on allowing the future degradation of this province's biodiversity, freshwater resources, landmass/soil quality etc.  It is no exaggeration to surmise that any Govt. who can stand before its people touting Site C as a project that would benefit BC's economy/ environment in any way is either corrupt, duplicitous, ignorant, irresponsible, weak or all of the above (& a federal resource minister who questions the validity of scientific findings & TOUTS INCREASED FOSSIL FUEL EXTRACTION AS A NON-POLLUTING, SUSTAINABLE ACTIVITY IS NOT SOMEBODY ACTING IN CANADIANS' BEST INTERESTS!)
Article: PR proposed to compensate climate-change cuts

*Why is Canada so slow to act on global calls for clean-energy production/ pollution reduction?  Unlike other parts of the world (eg. Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia, Malaysia, Tibet), most Canadians have not yet had to deal with the devastating results of widespread wilderness destruction in their daily midst – eg. deforestation in Malaysia – since much of BC's ravaged countryside (mostly from logging & mineral extraction/mining) is located in sparsely-populated parts of the province.  The effects are no less devastating.  Yet unsustainable operations - largely approved if not promoted by a fatuously self-serving & short-sighted government - continue to wreak havoc on the environment & put our futures at risk.  Site C Dam, however - if approved - would crank up the devastation several notches by its intended primary purpose of supporting Canada's fracking/tar-sands extraction industry to supply overseas (Asian) markets.  Whereas the 20th century saw corrupt leaders of what quickly became 'third-world' countries handing rich nations approval to freely degrade, harm, poison & rape those regions by deforestation, drilling, excavating & mining (i.e. the most destructive human activities on the planet) - thereby disabling their own populations' self-sustaining agriculture & in turn initiating today's global climate/food crisis - the now-'developing' world looks to exploit their former exploiters in the same way.  Approving fossil-fuel projects like Site C dam is another step along that road - & recent history has shown where that road leads.  Except now, with dangerous emissions & diminished wilderness (eg. essential forests) at critical levels, such approval would put not only Canada's climate/self-sustaining agriculture in jeopardy but that of the entire world.
Article: BC mining favours foreign workers

* If allowed to continue unabated, activities like deforestation & fracking will literally kill all life on Earth in due course.  Why?  BECAUSE THESE ACTIVITIES DON'T JUST COMPROMISE THE AIR WE BREATHE, THE QUALITY OF OUR ENVIRONMENT & THE BALANCE OF OUR CLIMATE – THEY GRADUALLY DEPLETE THE VERY SOURCE OF OUR OWN SUSTENANCE, ON WHICH WE ARE, ULTIMATELY, 100% DEPENDENT – i.e.  NATURE – AT A RATE THAT IS UNSUSTAINABLE, meaning Nature cannot regrow/renew quickly enough to keep up with their rate of destruction...

* & since Nature provides all the elements needed to support life on Earth - i.e. is, literally, our ONLY PROVIDER - we need to quit stupidly, unsustainably, depleting those supplies & operate at sustainable levels that guarantee continual, indefinite regrowth/renewal.

* WE HAVE MUCH CATCH-UP TO DO VIS-A-VIS DAMAGE ALREADY DONE BY POLLUTING INDUSTRIES.  The fact that Canada's own contributors to climate change still operate unsustainably is a horrifying testament not to industry's greedy lack of scruples (that's old news) but to our GOVERNMENT'S weakness in allowing the ruin of this land.  Scientists, our last bastion of impartiality, have proven why we can't AFFORD a Govt. that permits remaining wilderness to be recklessly - unnecessarily - destroyed/killed - let alone to make way for further pollution/risks of fossil-fuel extraction.  The CEAA should reject Site C Dam on the basis alone that such damage CANNOT BE MITIGATED.  Our government needs to follow their directives, which align with our best interests, with responsible initiatives/laws/legislation that will keep BC clean, healthy, flourishing & productive for future generations.  Without these basic prerequisites as government's guiding principal force, the 'legacies' to which Christy Clark referred throughout her provincial election campaign will be as barren & valueless as those promised to Albertans to justify the wilderness destruction that made way for their ill-fated foray into fossil-fuel extraction...

Thank you for considering my points above in your assessment of this cripplingly costly, destructive & ultimately untenable Site C dam proposal.  Please deny Site C, now & in future.

October 31, 2012

Letter to PM Harper

[NB:  Sent last year, this letter was recently revised & re-sent.  Feel free to use the PM's email address & any info herein to compose your own letter. Click this link to sign PETA's petition:  http://is.gd/Y8QFUl]

Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
E-mail: pm@pm.gc.ca


Dear Prime Minister,

As a fellow university alumnus (UBC) and native of western Canada (who also loves my cats), I write to you without ego or presumption - but with the respect due my country's prime minister.  At the risk of appearing naive (having been assured this letter wouldn't reach you), I feel the need to correspond directly as (a) my federal MP is great but doesn't have the time/inclination to undertake the in-depth research I have done nor to edit all that data into a succinct letter, (b) nor does our national media, (c) your official actions in this matter are directly at odds with your public image/ stated principles, as well as with the wishes of thousands and with firsthand/ scientific evidence, suggesting the information you have is incomplete or manipulated to serve your sources' political ambitions/ interests, or both, and (d) MP's/ lobbyists who were entrusted by thousands failed to put certain legislation through in Jan. 2013 despite assurances of its inevitable success.    So I'll cut to the chase and strive for brevity by editing out all known/probable redundancy.

I've taken it upon myself to research the yearly event which your DFO Minister Gail Shea has called a "Canadian tradition", a "cull" and a "humane" activity:  the Commercial Seal Hunt. After steeling myself to spend many difficult hours over the past few years reviewing a panoply of material from a broad range of resources I feel equipped to appeal to your consideration of this letter with more objectivity than emotion.

Having undergone what feels like trauma but is merely gut response to firsthand accounts thereof - thus insignificant compared to real effects on actual participants - I must draw your attention to the regrettable reality of the Seal Hunt, which owes its continuation to your government's approval.

It is difficult to accept such approbation upon viewing firsthand documentation of this event in the form of streaming video depicting grown men out on the Atlantic ice floes (i.e. the native habitat where mother seals recover with their newborn young) proceeding to clobber defenseless, petrified seal pups using giant hooked 'hakapiks'.  What can only be described as callous and unwarranted ruthlessness relished by the perpetrators, this repugnant scene negates aLL claims that the Seal Hunt resembles a 'humane' activity in any sense of the word.

Video footage of Canada's Seal Hunt from HSI shows sealers revelling in the sickness of their own sadism, defiantly drawing out - instead of minimizing - the tortured anguish, desperation & distress of their terrified little victims - maximizing the abusiveness of their unfair advantage & openly disrespecting life's beginnings for these gentle creatures. The nightmarish sight prompts more outrage from my fellow viewers than excerpts of Holocaust death-camp scenes in WWII's aftermath (NOT taken lightly themselves).  It would be easier to believe we're witnessing clips of criminals caught in the act, or severely mentally-disturbed post-trauma patients, or a scene from some sick gore-flick, than 'ordinary' citizens carrying out an activity encouraged by the Government of Canada.  That we're expected to dislocate our innate sense of what is right & dispassionately accept something so obviously wrong engenders extreme resentment of those entrusted with our country's leadership.  Mr. Harper, what we've seen ISN"T right & I'm appalled you allow it to continue.

The eyewitness evidence sheds sinister new light on Ms. Shea's public assurances that such cruelty could conceivably be called a 'Canadian tradition'.  What was once considered necessary for surviving Canada's winters bears no resemblance to today's Seal Hunt:  a sadistic 'pastime'/sport indulging torture of baby wild animals played by degenerates/social outcasts/ violent  thugs - i.e. a senseless carnage now banned in most global markets yet supported by the federal govt.  (see this recent post:  http://liberationbc.org/blog/tag/seal-hunt/). Ms. Shea undermines the very people she claims to support in her stubborn refusal to help upgrade their community's obsolete 'industry' into a productive, sustainable operation free from harmful interference in wildlife ecosystems.

As if government's resistance to progress weren't insulting enough, Ms. Shea's defence of last year's quota of 400,000+ seals as a 'CULL' to "stop the [2-week-old?] seals from decimating cod-fishing resources" is either misinformed or a blatant lie.
In fact, young cod makes up only 3 percent of the seals’ diet. The majority of their diet actually consists of fish and squid that prey on young cod; therefore, removing the seals from the equation may actually result in more cod disappearing as predatory fish flourish. The currently low cod population is the result of poor management on the part of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Even the Department of Fisheries and Oceans admits the seal hunt has no positive impact on cod population, explaining that the hunt is "...not an attempt to assist in the recovery of groundfish stocks...Seals eat cod, but seals also eat other fish that prey on cod."17 

Ms. Shea's ignorance makes one wonder:  why is she so desperate to condone this sickening bloodbath inflicted by yobbos terrorizing baby wildlife? Why does government keep justifying these yearly massive killing sprees at taxpayers' expense?  And HOW can you justify spending more taxpayers' money to dispute the ban on seal-hunt products (i.e. failing in your duty to our native wildlife) while importing pandas from a country with a woeful record of animal welfare abuses?  It doesn't make sense! I'm EMBARRASSED to admit I'm from Canada now, it's gross...

NO commercial, ethical or scientific argument - much less the ridiculous lies with which Ms. Shea continually undermines your government's integrity - can explain the sickening slaughter of defenseless seal pups.  As you ought to know, the international bans simply reflect contemporary society's growing awareness and must be accepted if we're to move with the times.  Rather than wastng money & resources on a dying industry, sealers ought to be provided with (or equip themselves with!?) alternatives that engender self-sufficiency as opposed to government-funded murder/ waste.  Judging from videos on sites like YouTube most sealers operate outside the limits of professionalism with offensive & unethical behaviour (if not signs of mental trauma) that degrades themselves AND all Canadians.  I cannot stay silent as long as it continues.

I beseech my country to uphold all international bans on trading in these death-skins, & to stop using taxpayers' money to challenge the EU's decision to halt this trade.  Such misuse of public office casts doubt upon your reputation as a democratic world leader.  A decisive move to end this abuse of the wildlife Canada's constitution pledges to protect would be more fitting.  Please do the right thing by allowing wildlife the benefits of being a loved & honoured native of this country:  i.e. protected & celebrated as part of what makes Canada beautiful.

Thank you.