iT's time 2 UNLearn the BS & reFResh..

January 10, 2020

My reply to BC Greens' 'leadership' email..

- in which i shouLd have included my outrage at BC Govt's gross inaction RE. Coastal Gas Link's trespassing on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, as succinctly explained by DogwoodBC:
B.C. is refusing to meet with Wet'suwet'en chiefs, and is instead passing off the responsibility to the very pipeline company trespassing on the Indigenous community's land. Where is B.C.'s newly promised approach to respecting Indigenous rights and title 

Re:  BCGreens Leadership Contest 2020

Jan. 7th, 2020

Dear Adam Olsen,

Thanks for your email.  As an active supporter of the BCGREENS for the past decade+, I feel my continuing activism on your party’s behalf has helped contribute to its increased successes. While further advancing GREENS’ policies/values is bound to enable the huge shifts needed for effective climate action, the latest in-party structural shifts appear to have stalled the necessary progress..

TBH I’m extremely discouraged by the apparent absence of BC Greens’ influence on BCNDP’s actions/policies in supporting the provincial minority government.  Where is Greens’ presence in Govt’s horrifying decisions to advance harmful LNG projects in BC?  Or affecting Site-C dam’s (/Peace River valley’s) fate??  How have BCGREENS made their mark on critical BC Forestry revisions/ holding NDP to their promises of creating SUSTAINABLE industries going forward & meeting GHG reduction targets??? Why have I not had Greens’ support for my constant efforts —alongside orgs like Ancient Forest Alliance & Wilderness Committee to stop clearcut logging of BC’s ancient old-growth forests & ban raw-log exports?  Nothing’s more important now! (These key campaigns are very close to my heart)
Our fast-shrinking old-growth forests —BC’s best (/ONLY) efficient C02 sequesters/ intact wildlife habitats— URGENTLY need to be protected by a MORATORIUM placed on permits to CLEARCUT these last bastions of hope for effective C02 control!  The BC NDP’s flimsy measures RE. Climate change are woefully inadequate to enable Reconciliation (via U.N.D.R.I.P.) OR safeguard BC’s communities from predicted ecosystem imbalances.. We desperately NEED our Greens to step in & fulfill their official parliamentary duties —to table science-based solutions & REJECT extinction-drivers (eg. a WOLF CULL?)  Please don’t wait until it’s too late to have your rightful say in BC’s future!  (Can’t in-party re-org WAIT?)

If the BC NDP has been unlawfully blocking BCGreens’ rightful input in decisions/policies affecting our province —as many suspect— is it not your DUTY to publicly report such obstacles blocking due process, so we can properly respond & be included in the process, as well as show support for Greens’ inclusion in our future?  The time is NOW to apply Greens’ considerable ethics/ know-how/ resources/ values to our remade future, which will look much better with —& MUCH worse without— the priceless benefits of Greens’ involvement..

I can’t wait much longer to see more of those good public policies & collaboration across party lines mentioned in your email!



August 14, 2019

TMX = ECO-RUIN eXposed..

        LeTTeR to GoVT

             (+ RepLies!)

To whit, here is my most recent letter vigorously outlining my opposition to building TMX -- followed by the personal response i received from one of the government recipients -- & ending with my response to thaT reply..

[All i can say is, MP Bardish Chagger's email confirmed my worst fears - that BigOil lobbyists have co-opted the favour of our public servants (GOVT!) to the point of bLinding them with historic (status quo) economic arguments that fail to take into account the human-caused 'climate crisis' (/eco-ruin) that demands global action & puts most existing resource-based industries into their own self-perpetuating category of (yes) OBSOLESCENCE.  Either global/ govt./industry leaders apply climate science - which proves global-wide deadly warming exacerbated by the cumulative GHGs of human-made resource development/ land use - & EVOLVE, i.e. ensure sustainability well into the future by transitioning a.s.a.p. away from harmful deforestation & fossil-fuel extraction/use into regenerative eco-management & renewable energy sources in aLL existing sectors.. OR we are guilty of exacerbating the extinction of all lifeforms already under way..

Accountability & responsible science-based practices must be legislated - rigorously enforced, noT optional - in order to reclaim a (thriving) future destiny for EVERYONE..

[ps. NOONE is suggesting taking away your beloved gas-powered trucks or shutting off your home's heating or reverting to horse-&-buggy transport -- but merely switching our power sources to non-polluting + non-GHG-emitting RENEWABLE energy.. ENDING DEFORESTATION & GOING SUSTAINABLE!  What's wrong with that?  You don'T want your kids to have a thriving future sans #EXTINCTION staring them in the face?  Get off your ignorance & join environmentalists & global populations demanding govts. QUIT subsidizing harmful climate change via BigOil/ billionaire polluters!!]

-----Original Message-----

Subject: Protect the climate: Stop pipelines.

Dear Ministers,

I am writing today as I feel strongly compelled to do the right thing & influence your office's decision vis-à-vis the TMX pipeline expansion project.  To ignore the extensive litany of drawbacks, eco-damage, exacerbation of already-dire degradation of coastal health/welfare and --possibly worst of all-- the certain extinction outcome for endangered wildlife species (to name just some of this project's assessed effects reported by your Energy Board), to allow this guaranteed disaster to proceed regardless would amount to a reckless disservice to Canadians, who count on your Govt. to protect our best interests and those of future generations:  your kids AND ours..

Canada is @ a terrifying crossroads -- our families' futures are in your hands.  Many of us fear the relentless lobbying/ pressure by polluting oil corps on a Govt. that has proven woefully weak in their moneyed midst, resulting in ongoing INACTION --i.e. NO REAL REMEDIES to this [CUMULATIVE] climate crisis!!?   How much longer can our Govt. reps sit complacently favouring fossil-fuel damages/risks, rising GHGs & status-quo stasis over desperately-needed legislation & proper initiatives to GO SUSTAINABLE (even in the throes of what is now officially a climate emergency)?

Aren't you ashamed of such disgraceful ineptitude by our Govt. 'leaders', having led us remorselessly to this tragic point?  We have just 11 years to cut our climate pollution BY HALF to avoid a climate catastrophe, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last fall.. Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average, according to an Environment and Climate Change Canada report released last month.. Emissions from the oil sands are as much as 64% higher than oil companies have been telling us.. And Alberta just elected a Govt. whose platform openly rejected all notions of climate leadership, thus proving total irresponsible lack of integrity with no plans to cap tar sands' emissions..

We CANNOT keep making the same mistakes:  our Govt. must TAKE ACTION --NOW-- NOT JUST BY DECLARING A CLIMATE EMERGENCY BUT BY ACTING ON IT!  This is the only decision that makes sense to Canadians -- not because it's an option but because it's a necessity in an emergency.. People's livelihoods are at stake --fossil fuels have long been known as the main culprit-- and our Govt. must lead us into a thriving future by transitioning away from broken, harmful --OLD-- industries and implementing the science-based solutions such as renewable energy, biothermal plants, electric cars.. WE MUST DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS --WHICH MEANS NO NEW OIL/GAS PROJECTS UNDERMINING ALL PRETENSE OF PROGRESS!?  If this is not patently obvious, then obviously polluters --the BigOil lobbyers-- have won over an ignorant, irresponsible Govt... and we Canadians need to change leadership for competent, forward-looking & responsible leaders who will DO THE RIGHT THING FOR CANADIANS AND VOTE IN THE GREEN PARTY.  We cannot afford to wait for Extinction to take over before we enact the changes we need to go sustainable!?  Only two things will rebuild your Govt.'s legitimacy on climate change:

1. Declare a climate emergency
2. Halt all new and proposed oil and gas projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline/ TMX pipeline expansion project.

The expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline would increase shipments of oil by 590,000 barrels a day. That’s an additional 86 million tonnes of downstream greenhouse gas emissions every year. If this figure is new to you, it may be because in February, the National Energy Board refused to study the full life-cycle global warming effects of the pipeline.  86 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of an additional 13 million cars on the road, or 75 million acres of forest loss. And certain extinction of the west coast orca whales, an iconic native wildlife species..

In this important election year, you must do the right thing by declaring a climate emergency and halting the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline expansion, along with all new and proposed fossil fuel projects. It’s the only way to re-establish your government’s --CANADA'S-- legacy/ legitimacy..

Thank you,
Sarah Chesterman

Sent: July 30, 2019 8:33 AM

Subject: RE: Protect the climate: Stop pipelines.

Dear Ms. Chesterman,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me and to share your position. I appreciate hearing from constituents as it allows me to better represent all voices. Your position has been noted. Would you please provide your complete address for our records?
We committed to making real change happen in this country and to grow the middle class. We also committed to building a real plan to protect our environment and fight climate change. We have been clear from day one, the environment and the economy must go together. We believe these goals are not irreconcilable; rather, they are complementary.
TMX solves a core economic challenge facing our country and will support the transition.
In the 21st century, you need to have a plan for the environment, and a plan for the economy. We passed a government motion declaring a climate emergency. We have spent the last four years doing more for our environment than any other government in Canadians history. It is no longer free to pollute in Canada. At the same time, by investing in Canadians, we have created over one million new jobs, lifted 825,000 people out of poverty, and have the lowest unemployment rate on record.
I understand you’re disappointed with the decision to expand our resources to new markets. Currently, 99% of our conventional energy resources are sold to one market – the United States – at a large discount. We need to diversify our markets in order to get a fair price for the products we sell. It does not make environmental or economic sense to sell any resource at a discount. Instead, we will use the extra earnings to fund a clean energy transition.
As the Prime Minister publicly stated, every dollar the federal government earns from this project will be invested to help fund things like electrification projects, investments in renewable resources, and efforts to transition Indigenous communities off diesel-power. Additional corporate tax revenue alone could be around $500 million per year once the project is up and running.
In order to transport our resources across the country, we know that pipelines are much safer than shipping them by rail. By moving forward with TMX, we are creating jobs, diversifying markets, accelerating our clean energy transition, and opening new avenues for Indigenous economic prosperity.
According to former Supreme Court Justice Frank Lacobucci, who was brought in to oversee the consultation process, he said, “The Crown has remedied the defects in consultation identified by the Federal Court of Appeal and has meaningfully consulted with potentially-affected Indigenous groups.”
This decision was based on the confidence that:
-strong environmental protections are in place, and that the effects of the project can be mitigated through conditions and recommendations outlined by the National Energy Board (NEB), as well as measures including the historic $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan and the national climate plan.
-consultations with Indigenous peoples involved meaningful, two-way dialogue, which fulfilled the legal duty to consult and helped identify new accommodation measures and conditions to appropriately address concerns expressed by Indigenous communities.
I too am committed to cleaner future for our kids and grandkids and a greener economy that supports that future. I really do believe we can do both, in a way that it is sustainable. We just cannot afford to lose anymore inches. I would like to reassure you that I will do everything I can to ensure that does not happen. We have a lot more work to do and I am committed to helping to do it.


Office of the Hon. Bardish Chagger
Member of Parliament for Waterloo
360-100 Regina Street South
Waterloo, ON N2J 4P9

My Reply:_____________________________________
From: Sarah Chesterman
Sent: Aug 14, 2019 8:33 AM

Thank you for responding to my heartfelt letter with such an illuminating explanation of your government’s position on this crucial issue, which affords me unprecedented insight into the wilful refusal of Canada’s elected politicians to be guided/informed by our country’s most forward-thinking experts in the fields of science pertaining to the climate emergency which the Prime Minister recently announced is already upon us..
Given our country’s historic lack of public consultation/transparency affecting governance from the time of confederation, to the point that our basic K-12 schooling failed to inform us Canadians about the real truths about Canada’s early foundations – eg. such influential (yet untaught) events as indigenous disempowerment/ reservation/ treatment of natives at the time of first contact!  I myself have learned these shameful facts only SINCE –I.E. AFTER—MY SCHOOLED EDUCATION (as one of the apparent few interested enough to research such critical information).. And now, at this most critical juncture that is now an EMERGENCY THANKS TO THE INACTION OF GOVERNMENTS PAST, your government has clearly done Canadians YET ANOTHER DISSERVICE by withholding the undeniable science dominating the issue of climate change & WHAT IS AT STAKE FOR ALL CANADIANS – FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS, MINIMUM~!
Without evidence of our leaders’ informed understanding of the global CLIMATE CRISIS & its many implications, your assurances/ measures/ plans purported to ‘mitigate’ its worst effects & pacify your [complacent, docile] public FAIL AT THE OUTSET TO PROVE THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS UP TO THE TASK OF ANSWERING THE MOST BASIC FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ‘CLIMATE EMERGENCY’ -- let alone tackle the very real consequences of its worst effects..
For starters, the points in your letter HAVE NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT MY VERY REAL –AND VALID—CONCERNS & FACTS, AS EXPRESSED IN MY LETTER..  I.E. you fail to address the most prominent dangers inherent in the climate emergency that’s upon us, which are the SAME DANGERS INHERENT & MOST PROMINENTLY PRODUCED BY THE TMX PROJECT (I.E. Increased emissions/ fossil-fuel extraction, increased ecosystem destruction, wildlife extinction etc...)  Which only confirms, with even greater urgency, the relevancy of those fears –EG. THE ITEMIZED INCREASES OF DANGEROUS EMISSIONS WHICH WOULD DIRECTLY ARISE FROM THE BUILDING OF THE TMX DISASTER—SINCE THIS TMX PLANNED PROJECT WILL CLEARLY EXACERBATE THE MOST PRESSING ELEMENTS DRIVING CLIMATE CHANGE!  
If you re-read my letter properly, taking in the exact same facts that must have been available to your government from the outset on which the PM would have based his decision to announce the climate emergency to Canada, you will understand why your letter fails in every respect to reassure me of your abilities & sincerity in rising to the pressing occasion with any integrity..
[Naturally, I am terrified at the prospect of your government’s leadership stumbling ineptly into the emergency & fueling its very fires to the inevitable disastrous outcome..]

In disgust & fear,

August 5, 2019


(Letter to Govt)
Written with Wilderness Committee's letter-writing tool --you can write one too! --here:  
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my letter:

TO: Nakusp Mayor & Councillors, Premier Horgan, Minister Heyman, Minister Donaldson, Minister Beare, Mr. Andrew Weaver


Dear Madam/Sirs,

I was so very dismayed to learn of plans for more logging to take place at Summit Lake, home to the largest population of western toads in the world. Every summer thousands visit to watch baby toads migrate from the lake where they are born to the forest they spend their lives in. In fact the BC government once called it “one of the greatest wildlife migrations in the world”.

I recently learned that the Nakusp & Area Community Forest Company (NACFOR) has cut some core toad habitat for timber in recent years. These new cuts could easily endanger these famous toads --& I cannot stand for that to happen!

I am still reeling from this terrible news, as I am shocked you would allow this iconic species to die out due to destruction of their habitat for a one-time profit grab! This shows a very UN-CANadian disrespect of our iconic, precious native wildlife - especially in light of recent exposés on BC's ruthless & unsustainable logging policies. This obsolete attitude is the very antithesis of what we want to honour here in beautiful BC, & i find it unacceptable.

I am asking you today to please set aside a minimum of 670 hectares of this prime wildlife habitat instead of cutting it for timber. The toads rely on intact forest habitat across Highway 6 from Summit Lake, where they migrate & spend 97% of their lives: losing this unique endangered living species would be an unmitigated ecological tragedy that your decision noT to log could prevent! The Wilderness Committee of BC states:
"We ask that no more logging occurs in the 670 Ha of NACFOR’s tenure that has been research-identified as core terrestrial toad habitat. This small area is 'Species at Risk' habitat.. As of 2018 over $800,000 has already been invested to prevent toad deaths on Highway 6, which cuts off Summit Lake from adult toad forest habitat.."

Please: Let’s not waste this investment by recklessly destroying toad habitat across the highway! Many thousands of people would be utterly destroyed by such a callous, careless action..

These world-renowned toads are responsible for Toad Fest, a raging ecotourism success drawing thousands of visitors each year. This event alone can provide sustainable economic opportunity in the growing sector of ecotourism if the native toad population is preserved, being the largest of its kind for this species..

This forest is also home to wild grizzly bears, great blue herons, couer d’Alene salamanders & other species at risk. Protecting its rich biodiversity is a critical imperative, if we are to survive this global crisis let alone thrive -- which isn't likely if we keep logging the healthy forests & wilderness areas that sustain us!?

Instead of irresponsibly cutting down this forest & undermining all cherished values except the one-off sale of timber (which in my opinion would be criminal given the global state of things due to deforestation etc), Nakusp should respect its native local wildlife species & preserve their important habitat, thereby facilitating peaceful enjoyment of this favourite tourist spot for decades to come..

As the sole owner of NACFOR, Nakusp can choose not to log & instead be key conservation partners going forward: this option is preferable for everyone -- except perhaps the habitat destroyers, the logging co's that have unsustainably raped too much of BC for far too long. We cannot afford to lose more carbon-sinking forests, or drive more wild species to extinction..
Enough is enough: a climate emergency is underway, & Canada's performance so far has been shameful at best -- ie. our destructive resource-mgmt methods have contributed to this 'climate crisis' - & we must transition to liveable, sustainable methods that protect remaining healthy ecosystems from harm - for future generations at the very least..

Please do the right thing & protect these toads from unnecessary habitat destruction!

Thank you very much.

Sarah Chesterman
Maple Ridge, BC

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Original message------
From: Charlotte Dawe
Date: Thu, Jul 4, 2019 8:09 PM
To: Sarah Chesterman
Subject:Thanks for being a toad person 🐸

Thank you for speaking up for the toads, Sarah! You are an awesome “toad person” whether this is your first or fifth action to protect species at risk in BC.
Please help us spread the word by sharing this opportunity for action:
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------ Original message------
From: SaRaHC. .
Date: Fri, Jul 5, 2019 10:06 PM
To: Charlotte Dawe;
Subject:Re: Thanks for being a toad person 🐸

Awesome Charlotte, & thanks for the copy of my letter!  I am honoured..🐸 --& as always, i'll keep sharing & writing..

This iS THE most important work I do sooo-- I'll see all campaigns thRu.. come what may!  One thing's sure:  we're on the right side, with more people-power added daily to quash the evil dunderheads who think they'll always get by on their disinformation, lies & pollution that'll topple them all in the end, exposing their ACTUAL hold on things.. 

(I've no doubt it's less than we believed, & disengaging from polluters will ROLL once the tidal wave of CLEAN GREEN BETTER WAYS defeats their toxic ops -- hopefully before aLL forests are felled & extinction has set in..)

Together we wiLL make it happen!

Guess our biggest challenge is our own Govt that gets away with shirking their sworn duties to us people, in favour of pandering to the evil corporate forces that control them.  We'll prevail --we must!-- by (finally) learning from 1st Nations, our rightful leaders from the start..

Cheers!! Keep me posted please..💚


Sent from my Mobile


July 5, 2019

MY [banned!] input on Financial Post's pro-AB-oil article..

[COURSE this was blocked --it's anti-#BigOil & thus a threat to their conflicting interests, which they guard obsessively, like monkeys..]

Link to that article:

Here's my comment..

Reply to @Brian Barbour: 

"And Alberta's oilsands industry isn't an ecological disaster that's turned northern Alberta into a belching oozing toxic wasteland that makes a mockery of Canada's [clearly nonexistent] climate 'leadership'? But as the world --finally-- clues in to the devastating effects of 150+ years of aggressive industrial pollution/rape (of which fossil fuels is only a --albeit large-- cause) & scrambles desperately to turn back time, rein in polluting GHGs, operate sustainably & undo the worst damage..

THAT's when good ol' Cowboy Canada decides to roll up & slap down a few billion bucks of stolen taxes (the die-hard Colonial way: appropriate don't ask.. natch) & announce Canada's ALL IN on the works --brand-new pipeline, tar sands expansion.. INCLUDING the world's largest open-pit mine, right next to the globally important Great Bear Rainforest, protection of which is a critical imperative due to its role as the 'lungs of the world' -- a status certain to suffer from its proximity to Teck's monstrous ode to obsolescence.. 
"That oughter cheer up them pesky cousins up north --yew know, those hard-livin Albertans eh? Lord knows they'll whine if they don't all get new trucks fer Xmas...Course we'll keep its reaL purpose --exportin it ALL to the most pollutin continent on the planet-- hush-hush til the deal's done, & those uppity BCers protectin their 'precious' coastal livins can cry all they want that the extra tankers will drive orcas to extinkshun --serve em right fer denyin us our god-given right to dirty jobs & new trucks.. Eh?" 

Nope, they'll still whine. It's what they DO.. Tar sands = their world, & we're forced to tolerate their polluting embarrassment for a few extra bucks back East? 

"Kinda CORRUPT.. Eh?"

July 4, 2019


I am writing to express my  extreme dismay over the tax breaks Premier Horgan is committing to BC's LNG industry, as if this industry has been properly  researched & found to be a low-C02 answer to the climate emergency now underway:  it hasn't -- & it isn't.

The most recent IPCC report gives us only a decade to cut global carbon pollution in half.  But LNG Canada would be the most polluting project in BC, requiring thousands of new fracking wells in the northeast, as well as raising our GHGs to dangerous levels. CleanBC is clearly inadequate, as I & others loudly protested in vain, as it virtually guarantees BC will miss its targets if the expansion proceeds as planned.

While I work hard to reduce my carbon pollution & that of others, including switching to a 100% vegan diet & campaigning against mining/ logging/ plastics/ pollution, the provincial government wants to undo my efforts by building LNG Canada!?  What an insult to those of us who keep informed & updated of our province's progress..

In light of recent news about Canada's fracking/ pipeline/ waste woes --in addition to our poor performance re. climate issues-- giving huge tax breaks to establish a new fossil fuel industry is irresponsible -- if not utterly genocidal.

Please stand up to Premier Horgan & tell him to withdraw these insane subsidies to the fossil fuel industry --the very sector scientists blame for the climate crisis upon us!  Look up Genus (fossil-free) Capital & see examples of positive corporate change among us --& ask Premier Horgan to step up to the task at hand, per his sworn duties as Premier!

Personally, I don't know ONE person who thinks this Govt's reckless approval of new fossil fuel projects bodes well for BC's future/ economy.  Govt. needs to stand up to polluters & demand they pay for our necessary transition to clean renewable energy.. NOW NOT LATER!

Pandering to polluting fossil fuel corps is completely out of step with our commitments & requirements going forward, & holds us back from climate recovery & a sustainable future!  Informed BCers oppose such misuse of tax dollars as ominous assurance of failure to deal with the challenges & looming disasters plaguing our future sustainability. We feel helpless when all we can do is frantically write letters while watching our future health & prosperity --& those of our kids-- go up in smoke..

I therefore beseech you to use your position as MLA to effectively put forth these serious concerns & oppose any further spending on fossil fuels, esp. LNG.  Furthermore, it's noT unreasonable to take these polluting corps to court & enforce payouts due, for causing this climate hell that promises to worsen if we don't act now!  It's the very least we should do in our lifetime, while we still have a chance to turn things around..

(The alternatives are truly unthinkable. And Govt has run out of chances to right those wrongs & protect the people's interests..)

Thank you for your consideration & time, & in advance for taking action while  still in office..

(The Green Party is coming --to undo the Cons/ NDP/ Liberals damage that's led to this shameful point in history, due to reaping without sowing Nature's now-sorely-degraded resources --which our native First Nations had stewarded successfully for millennia:  SHAME!)

June 24, 2019

Dear PM Trudeau, Albertans & all TMX Pipeline supporters..

I just spent more energy & time responding to another Cdn. who scornfully insisTs Canada NEEDS the TMX Expansion that was approved last week by Justin Trudeau (our resident Tot-in-Chief) -- to which I had this to say:  From a free-thinking fellow Canadian..

[Person's name withheld] TROUBLE IS, yours is hardly a 'different perspective' but rather the typical Cdn norm furthered by Govts since first contact - & only 300 or so yrs later we're in a #ClimateEmergency, thanks mostly to our unsustainable reap-without-sowing natural resource 'mgmt.' practices still going strong (despite warnings from global Climate summits since 1992, where all participating nations agreed to slow their rising GHGs/pollution & protect old-growth forests ++)  Canada has talked good intentions while continuing to allow destructive logging/ mining/ waste-mgmt practices - eg. Cutting down our precious ancient forests (best carbon captors - til felling them emits massive amts of CO2), approving massive dams like Site C & & allowing mining exploration in sacred Tsilhqotin First Nation/ tourist ranch country like Taseko's diabolical (twice Feds-rejected) 'Prosperity' open-pit disaster.. SHAME on #BCNDP!

Look up Genus Capital (Vcr.) with their successful fossil-free funds & fact-filled literature on climate change:  a forward-thinking corp that divests fossil fuels while answering the uRgenT call for changes to our UNSUSTAINABLE STATUS QUO:  if a financial institution can do it, why can't we?


Bottom line = we MUST rein in our GHG emissions & protect our dying biodiversity from extinction --ie. Paris Agreement goals-- & spending billion$ on building a new pipeline for expanding polluting tar sands & shipping all that dirty bitumen via BC to the most polluting country on Earth just DOESN'T DO IT!!

Sorry Albertans, but aren't your kids' futures worth more than that brand-new gas-guzzling truck you were counting on? Come ON! Upgrading doesn't NECESSARILY mean austerity/ powerlessness --think Geothermal energy & snap outa that poor-me pouting to join Canada in finding solutions that don't subsidize already-wealthy Oil&Gas co's that have HAD their heyday & turned N. Alberta into a fire-ravaged toxic wasteland in the process..

We need to be sustainable.. Quit deforestation & unnecessary pollution.. to be proper stewards of the abundant green world we (once) knew & loved.. to reconcile with our First Nations natives in the way that they wish:  acknowledge all the wrongs conmitted - & adopted - by our Govts since Confederation & give them back sovereignty over their unceded territories for them to manage (as they did, sustainably & keeping abundant growing populations of diverse wild species, for millenia..)  Then we ask them - nicely? - if they'll lead us to sustainability, THEIR WAY - as we should have from the start:  isn't THIS the way to carry out due Reconciliation with our First Nations?

Canada's Constitution has a prominent section outlining our responsibilities of conservation & stewardship of all our native fauna/flora -- with which Govts ought to be familiar, as reminders that humans are not the only animals sharing planet Earth:  ie. aLL living beings should be respected & allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat without human interference..

Remember that next time you consider approving another destructive, smelly, waste-heavy human industrial endeavor whose main purpose (besides gutting all the rich natural resources of an area without regard for existing ecosystems) is to enrich the personal accounts of its officials while paying barely-liveable wages to its workers:  hardly acceptable for a polluting project costing billions in a 'Climate Emergency'..?

& don't insult Cdns' intelligence by promising to use the profits therefrom (!!?!) to fund fresh new green initiatives:  we've heard your promises before, & we are noT convinced!  (At least I hope we are smarter than lemmings)

PS. #GoVegan - I did, & it's easy if you love animals as I do..

June 18, 2019


[Breaking News June 18th 2019 from Protect the Inlet]

Dear Sarah,
Canada just approved the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project - so it's time to raise our voices. We're meeting at the corner of Georgia and Hamilton in downtown Vancouver where we will march to show Ottawa that no matter who approves this pipeline and tanker project - it will never be built. 

TIME: 5:30 PM Pacific | LOCATION: 700 Hamilton at Georgia, outside CBC Vancouver building

Facebook event:

This is a Climate Emergency - it's time to act like it. We're organizing for a summer of resistance, check out ways you can join in:

This Saturday, June 22, Protect the Inlet and George will be in Victoria for a 22 kilometre walk where local activists have been building a Tiny House to support the Secwepemc Tiny House Warriors, who are preparing for land defence in the Interior of British Columbia. 7 km of Saturday’s march will occupy the highway, before delivering a completed Tiny House to Island View Beach.

To join them, find all the info here:

If you can, it's time to build up our resources, please donate here:

There's a famous saying, "Don't mourn, organize." Take a little bit of time to mourn, then let's work together to beat the Climate Emergency and stop this destructive dirty pipeline. Have faith in yourself and each other -- we can do it together. 

Yours in solidarity and love,

Sarah, Will, Tegan, Howie and the PTI team

June 14, 2019


[via letter-writing tool @ ] --but majorly customized, i.e. re-written by me!


Dear PM Trudeau & Cabinet


As an informed Canadian citizen & resident of Vancouver BC, I feel it’s my duty to communicate my deep concerns to Government officials over this critical life-or-death decision.  I urge you to re-consider the far-reaching & irreversible consequences of approving this TMX Expansion, & to use your position as a Government official to reject this onerous project.

The broadest-ranging effects of the TMX Pipeline Expansion relate directly to its status as a fossil-fuel mega-project that entails constructing the world's largest open-pit tar sand mine, which would wipe out 292 square kilometers of Alberta’s forests & wetlands.  Extracting & refining tar sand oil - the world’s dirtiest fuel – has already turned vast swathes of northern Alberta into a wasteland of cleared forests [critical wildlife habitat], poisoned water [eg. heavy metals from tailings] & polluted air [refineries emit increasing levels of GHGs].

Approving TMX would make a mockery of Canada’s commitment to climate action..

The world has already witnessed more than 2 decades of discussion about the reality of a warming planet, starting with the UNFCC’s 1992 Earth Summit where nearly all the world’s nations agreed on a need to stabilize GHG (CO2) concentrations:

17 years later in 2009, more than 100 world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen committed to limiting global warming no more than 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures - beyond which the UNFCC & other experts predict irreversible & potentially catastrophic climate change impacting coastal regions, food production, water supplies & more. Since global warming is already underway (average global temperature has risen 0.85°C since pre-industrial levels) experts believe we can’t afford a temperature increase of more than 1.2°C above today’s level. The European Commission on Climate Action states, “To stay within this ceiling, the scientific evidence shows that the world must stop the growth in global GHG emissions by 2020 at the latest, reduce them by at least half of 1990 levels by the middle of this century & continue cutting them thereafter.”

2020 is next year.  And Canada’s carbon tax, “Climate Action” & other weak initiatives have failed to slow our steep rise of CO2/GHG levels.  If ever there were a time Govt leaders had to step up & take action to protect our precious natural resources & transition to green energy policies, IT IS NOW.  As Genus Capital’s sheet reads, Canada’s economy will only benefit by moving away from fossil fuels.  Opposition to TMX is backed by science.  Green energy leads oil & gas in both number of employed & growth rate for jobs in Canada. This pipeline locks us into decades more eco-destruction & tarsands pollution, which the global scientific community is desperately trying to tell us we cannot afford if we hope to have a habitable planet in the near future..

This is not a distant threat, it is here & now.. We are living unsustainably. Easy access to cheap, abundant oil has created a high standard of living for many cultures and societies. At the same time, the extraction, refining, distribution & use of this oil – as energy & in products – is increasingly undermining many of our planet’s life forms & the fragile balance of conditions that support climate stability & human prosperity. These effects are occurring on local, regional & global scales.  The Arctic & Greenland icecaps are melting at an increasing rate of speed.  Dead fish are washing ashore in Nova Scotia, & Orcas are struggling to survive in an increasingly industry-heavy Vancouver harbour.  It is imperative that we fight climate change & the ways in which climate change is exacerbated.  Supporting the financial interests of banks & oil barons is not sustainable, & the building of additional capacity to transport oil is simply criminal.  We need to stop producing and exporting more fossil fuels.  Period.  Building more pipelines only increases production of fossil fuels:  simple math/logic.

The public interest in slowing down global warming & preventing more environmental pollution/spills must take precedence over the selfish financial interests of tar sands investors & the political interests of politicians who pander to status-quo industries desperately clinging to yesterday’s consumer-driven economics without compromise.  It is up to YOU, dear leaders, to make up for Canada’s lost time spent ignoring/ suppressing scientific imperatives.. & ACT on behalf of all Canadians to bring about a sustainable future..

We residents of BC are in panic mode over this impending TMX approval, for many reasons.  Expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline will lock in decades of increased tanker traffic & climate-destabilizing carbon emissions. It will also put the incredible ecosystems of Vancouver Harbour, the Fraser River estuary & the Salish Sea at risk from a catastrophic bitumen spill & shipping increases.  The existing & expanded proposal would deliver 890,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day to Vancouver. Oil storage capacity at Burnaby would triple, adding 14 new tanks to store another 3,900,000 barrels. The pipeline would cross more than 500 streams in the Fraser River watershed. Tanker visits would increase by 574% above 2010 levels to more than 400 oil-laden trips through Burrard Inlet, the Fraser estuary, the Gulf Islands, Haro Strait & Juan de Fuca Strait, every year.  The integrity of our waters would be forever destroyed, for questionable economics that have not even been properly analyzed or disseminated..

This is a frightening prospect that we have a responsibility to oppose.

The threat from oil tankers to Southern Resident killer whales, a listed Species At Risk, is insupportable.  Importantly, even if the project goes completely according to plan, with no oil spills & no ship strikes, the increased noise alone from more than 800 tanker transits significantly increases their risk of extinction. When cumulative effects are considered, these whales face more than 50% chance of functional extinction within the next century.  If you approve the TMX expansion anyway, the catastrophic outcome will be on your heads, to explain to your children & grandchildren.

Please read Raincoast’s Executive Summary reporting the risks posed to the Fraser River’s productive salmon populations:

Being emotionally overwhelmed by the number of threats currently endangering BC's environment & the wildlife I care about, I include this link to details on exactly how the TMX Expansion would affect BC, by the unflinchingly hard-working Raincoast Conservation group:

Canada’s recent policy changes aimed at reducing carbon emissions will be undermined by the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Building major infrastructure for oil and gas exportation will have catastrophic implications for decades to come. 

Please take every reasonable action to reject the Trans Mountain pipeline.


Sarah (Saz) Chesterman
Vancouver, BC

February 28, 2019


The Narwhal: Coalition Determined to Save Skagit Valley
The Narwhal: U.S. Senators to BC: Clean Up Your Mining Mess!

To write your own letter, use this LINK:
Wilderness Committee's tool to save Skagit Valley from logging

Here's my letter (sent to Premier Horgan & MLAs)

I am writing to express my horror upon learning of BC Timber Sales' plans to log in Silverdaisy Valley & in 26 Mile Valley this year.  This is devastating news for one of BC's most biodiverse ecosystems & key conservation imperatives..

Both of these valleys, the areas being targeted, encompass beautiful old-growth forests within the Donut Hole (surrounded by Manning & Skagit provincial parks) which contain critically endangered species' habitats & provide clear clean water to the Skagit River system, renowned for its abundant wild fish populations.  Logging this thriving ecosystem --one of the last old-growth forests in BC's interior-- would have calamitous effects on all living species in this area & beyond..

More than ever now, as our survival depends on Nature-friendly non-violent activities, we have a duty to uphold our responsibilities as stewards of the land (per our Constitution) by protecting wildlife & their habitats from severe human-caused degradation which cannot be mitigated.

I am asking the BC government to act now to cancel current AND future logging plans in Silverdaisy & 25 Mile valleys, to place the entire Donut Hole off-limits to logging.. & to extinguish ALL logging & mining tenure in the Skagit watershed immediately.

Please uphold BC's best interests & First Nations Reconciliation with a public show of faith by LEGISLATING protection of the Skagit watershed & surrounding lands, ASAP, to instate a critical addition to BC’s protected area system supporting Manning & Skagit Provincial Parks.  Our future depends on retaining such protective zones to avoid dire loss of biodiversity & critical eco-health, as well as honoring previous agreements with Washington re. groundwater health.

It cannot be stressed enough, strong legislation protecting this important WILDLIFE HABITAT from all forms of development is required by the BC Govt. immediately, in order to ensure reversal of any & all pending destruction via logging--> water pollution etc.

SAVING OUR FORESTS & WILDLIFE HABITAT IS CRUCIAL TO BC's SUSTAINABLE FUTURE:  please prioritize conservation & protection of this key BC wilderness, before it is too late.  Time is of the essence with this urgent initiative!

Thank you very much.

February 24, 2019

The UGLY REALiTy of TMX [Trans MounTain pipeline]

Being Canadian is a virtual EMBARRASSMENT these days, as we suffer thru an obnoxious new round of irresponsible media - even TV ads! - advocating the [polluting & uneconomical] 'benefits' of constructing the Trans-Mountain pipeline in BC - as if the deadly risks did not exist..

Au contraire, these advertisers are Clearly operating unethically, selling false & misleading - biased & unbased - pro-industry BS to a largely misinformed target market, obfuscating the realities of this TMX Pipeline's intended purpose & belying their own selfish interests & excluding serious, valid concerns - including inherent byproducts like eco-destruction/ poisonous waste which are taxing ecosystems to the max..
YES the indisputable science of the impacts of industry on the ecological balance that sustains us pRoves we humans hold the decisive cards of our destiny - ie. We made the mess we're in - severely disrupting the eco-balance which sustains all life on Earth - so we must fix it.. NOT by green-lighting disasters like Site C Dam & AB Oilfields expansion or by subsidizing polluting gigs like LNG, but by legislating protection of our air/ ecosystems/ forests/ waters & transitioning to science-based renewable, sustainable ops in all sectors..


Only those who are paid by polluting industries are [still] denying the facts of Climate Change, tho they must witness firsthand the havoc wreaked by their polluting activities over time!?  Money may make ignorance bliss - for those without a conscience - but the cost of valuing money over Nature risks our FUTURE & WELL-BEING for the short-term wealth of a selfish few..


Canada's once-lush diversity, forests, waters & thriving agriculture are being threatened by accelerating eco-imbalances/ extinction/ overproduction furthered  by ongoing Govt approval of destructive/ polluting projects instead of financing/ incentivising eco-smart outfits, transitioning to renewable zero-waste energy & properly reducing our C02/GHG counts!?

Where's ouR Govt's progressive legislation ensuring, @ the very least, protection of our most critically important carbon sinks - eg. BC's overlogged ancient old-growth forests [approximately only 3% of which remains unlogged] & our most vulnerable wildlife - eg. Orcas, whose extinction would be imminent if bitumen/oil were to spill into BC's coastal waters..

AS for intended plans for the Trans-Mtn pipeline, currently held up in the Courts for failure to seek/obtain 1st Nations' consent, here are the ugly facts:

Tankers carrying tar sand oil are a serious threat to the habitat of endangered Orcas. Yet Alberta is planning the world's largest open-pit tar sand mine. If realized, it would wipe out 292 square kilometers of forests and wetlands and be a disaster for the climate. Tell Canada to keep tar sand in the ground!
To: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna
Teck Resources' planned Frontier Tar Sand Mine would be an ecological disaster with a global impact..
The pipelines needed to export tar sand oil are environmental disasters waiting to happen: the Trans Mountain Pipeline crosses the Rocky Mountains to British Columbia’s Pacific coast. Oil spills are virtually pre-programmed, and a tanker accident could devastate the coastline and the habitat of 75 endangered orcas.
Further inland, the tar sand mining industry is turning swathes of northern Alberta, Canada, into a wasteland: Forests are being felled to make way for open-pit mines. Tailing ponds contain water laden with heavy metals. Refineries pollute the air.
Tar sand oil is the world's dirtiest fossil fuel, and extracting and refining it requires far greater amounts of energy than conventional oil. This project would make a mockery of Canada’s commitment to protect the climate – leaving it in the ground is the only sane option.
UNESCO is alarmed by the prospect of the mine: the guardians of World Heritage Sites see grave danger for Wood Buffalo National Park at the mouth of Athabasca River. The river is already polluted by existing oil sand mines and its condition would become much worse.
Local people are also impacted by the environmental destruction. The Mikisew Cree and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations reject the project and have declared the land north of Firebag River to be a no-go area. This has not stopped the mining company from running roughshod over the rights of the indigenous peoples.
An official hearing for the pipeline project is currently in progress. Together with our Canadian partners, we want to bring international pressure to bear against the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet. Please sign our petition: Tell the Canadian government to keep tar sand in the ground!

Teck Resources' planned Frontier Tar Sand Mine would be an ecological disaster with a global impact..