iT's time 2 UNLearn the BS & ReFResh..

July 21, 2020

My [removed] comment on a Narwhal article..

WOW: it's discouraging that this happened in The Narwhal, a paper considered one of the most hard-hitting among 'alternative' media, & one that's gained my respect.. Did I GO TOO FAR/ HIT BELOW THE BELT? Express too much emotional & not enough 'factual' data? Maybe.. [I dunno].. 

FACT IS, I respond IN KIND to aLL an article conveys --& may carry over other built-up feelings/ opinions from recent related articles/info to form a 'Big Picture' gleaned from accumulated sources. And with recent in-depth exposes on the BC Govt. abounding, THIS piece REVEALED iN 3D just how dangerous & dishonest our Govt. iS.. 

Given the BCNDP's obvious heinous disregard for BC's future & acTuaL 'Reconciliation' with 1st Nations peoples --& the false public image with which they (& the corporations to which they consistently pander) MISLEAD the public, again & again-- as a dedicated BCer rallying to protect our native biodiversity & our precious old-growth ecosystems from destruction via BCNDP permits handed out recklessly like candy, I feel my response is MILD in light of Govt's obvious [UNETHICAL & UNJUST] trajectory.. & the clear conclusion that our provincial Premier Horgan & Co. are USING the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to 'get away with' heinous corruption & eco-crimes -- i.e. BIZ AS USUAL for BC Govt's shameful history of corporate pandering & indigenous GENOCIDE.. [Just sayin'..]


The Narwhal piece in question hit me square-on with realization that compounds cumulative essays upon news items upon commissioned reports ETC. over the past year & a half of murderous ECORUIN aided & abetted by the BCNDP [directly opposing their elected platforms/ promises] -- so yes, I responded with blatant honesty & open eyes to the appalling direction the BC Govt. is dragging this province --i.e. DOWNHILL, FAST-- as reported in THIS Narwhal article:

B.C. orders Coastal GasLink to stop pipeline construction near protected wetlands

[Here's my comment:]

Where are the BC Greens when they're desperately needed to step in & OPPOSE the BCNDP's reckless issuance of permits to corps B4 they fast-track catastrophic destruction of important natural ecosystems?

It's SICKENING that Horgan's SHAM BC Govt. (like those b4) are letting forestry/ O&G corps get away with widespread ECO-RUIN --including clear-cut logging of our last remaining precious old-growth forests-- while claiming to be on track with their 'CLEAN BC' "plans": WHERE's Govt's compliance with their self-proclaimed respect for indigenous rights? Where's Horgan's [promised] Species At Risk law protecting BC's threatened wildlife habitats??

Equally heinous is Coastal GasLink's reckless --illegal-- disregard of their own "wetlands mgmt. plan" (?), along with their LiES (eg. "Environmental protection is a top priority for us"). Since CGL have already cleared 80% of the pipeline's "right-of-way" without a single concern for ANY of the 300 protected wetlands subsequently harmed, HOW can Govt's confidence in "resolving these issues" be trusted --esp. as the Wet’suwet’en's opposition IS UNCHANGED?

Bottom line: Govt.'s benefit agreements [/MOUs] coerced from some #1stNations are clearly A FRAUD (proven repeatedly w/ past resource rapes) & Govt's pipeline push --for a toxic LNG-soaked future that refuses 1st Nations autonomy AND reconciliation-- is ANOTHER BETRAYAL THAT DENIES EVERYONE A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.. (SHAME)

[OK, i feel slightly better now..] 

July 20, 2020

'Veganic Fanaticism' VS. 'Brave New' Chemicalized Farming

My (as yet unapproved!?) comment (posted July 17th) on BillyGoat's article The (Vegan Ecological) Wasteland @ this link:

BillyGoat, you possess a particularly enticing writing style –-esp. your visceral descriptions placing yourself in the thick of a landscape where close contact with the earthy, heady ecology of ‘mixed farming’ inspires your most poetic efforts; ALL V. historic, raw & seductive —tinged with an old-timer’s wisdom of the land.. That is, until your brutally opinionated attempts to turn vegans/ vegetarians into the ‘misappropriated scapegoats for heart disease’ whom you blame for this ‘Brave New’ chemicalized monoculture of vegetable farming..

First, the knowledge that monocropping is an ‘ecologically malignant system’ is surely widespread among farmers (even non-farmers!) everywhere-!?That this most basic of farming fundamentals is ignored –-along with pollinator-starving herbicide spraying & other diabolical insults to key wilderness ecosystems-– has little to do with ‘veganic fanatics’ & more with corporate homogenization driven solely by profits & sales. Most vegans i know are among THE most conscious/ conscientious consumers of all –-at least in Canada, where vegans actively generate ‘continuous learning’ groups/ platforms to share info on ethically-sourced/ non-GMO/ organic/ regenerative farming (markets that continue to expand due to their efforts).

Suggesting vegans ‘unknowingly’ cause ‘degradation of soil fertility’ belie their core beliefs, which are rooted in compassion, evolution & science-forward learning —as opposed to corps laying waste to healthy ecosystems via mass applications of toxins to yield crop outputs & nothing more.. (& there’s NOTHING beneficial/ worthy about corps' undue influence on global food production/ security:  theiR scourge of the Earth needs to die out along with their murderous influence on the future of farming!)

While i empathize with your nostalgia for mixed farming’s magical symbiosis of yore (how can i not, given your expose of modern-day monocrops draining soils of their natural nitrogen-rich healthfulness?), I'm certain most vegans/ vegetarians would prefer to preserve that ‘ethereal relationship flowing between the soil, the crops, the livestock and the landscape’ than support monocropping -- iF the ‘livestock’ in question weren’t destined for inevitably violent, bloody ends on slaughterhouse assembly-lines bereft of an ounce of the compassion needed to bring that idyllic vision to life-!?

The reality today is that meat-eating has become such an aggrandized ‘staple’ in people’s diets that animal-protein-related diseases abound –-including heart disease & obesity.. & in Asian cultures, encroachment on wildlife habitats is widely affirmed to bring contagious pandemics like COVID-19 into human populations. And that’s nothing to ignore. Whereas, even the most small-scale farmers on the planet have learned that the oppressive 'Big 3' demands of modern corporate farming --fungicides, herbicides & pesticides-- are degrading healthy plants & soils with long-term harms such as acidification & pollinator wipeout, which could well NiX the idealized goal of global food security.. & herald worldwide famine instead..

Here on Canada’s west coast, my vegan peers bear no resemblance to youR mistaken IDs of blind but well-meant NAiFs.  So I must refute your view that vegans finagLed these sweeping veg-over-livestock revisions by making meat/ dairy 'the misappropriated scapegoats for heart disease'.  Being vegan myself, i know firsthand that veganism's core raison d'etre revolves not around myopic obsessions with human health --but rather, abhors the way humans have corrupted their innate Dominion over all non-human beings, & thus REJECTS & BOYCOTTS aLL cruelty & disrespect of those whom WE see as our EQUALS who deserve to live happy lives free from oppression by heartless 'humans' who treat them as objects to use & abuse at will, without any thought of their inmates' feelings/ desires..

So while vegans eschew the products of human-inflicted oppression --including animal-derived clothing, 'entertainment' et al-- we welcome all efforts to better animals' lives & ease their pain.  Sadly, the dynamics of yore --wherein humans may have taken to heart their roles as stewards respecting Mother Nature in taking from her what was needed to live (while replenishing that which was reaped--hence, 'SOW WHAT YE REAP') are mostly NO MORE..  Such lofty limits on human consumption/ exploitation, demanding CAREFUL BALANCE in managing nature's abundance, are RARE --if nonexistent-- in today's economics, wherein thoughtless acquisition/ extraction/ harvesting/ mining is the name of the game.. Sadly, it's a 'game' in which animals used for human consumption (of any kind) are condemned to unspeakable cruelty/ discomfort/ violence not of their choosing, from birth to death.  Veganism aims above all to create a world that respects nature's laws & frees all living beings from the misery of entitled human enslavement..

False characterization aside, being a vegan consumer in a largely non-vegan world entails witnessing --daily-- the suffering of those that long to be free of human tyranny (alongside much opportunity for improvement, which i create/ take when i can).. Residing in Canada means sharing this country with miles & miles of treeless prairie grasslands eaten up (literally) by beef cattle ranches providing fast-food outlets with their best-selling menu items –still, despite the growing trend of their meatless/ ‘plant-based’/ vegan burger sectors: {YUP} BeeF burgers..

So much for the runaway, tyrannical success of veganism flooding the globe..😔 YES, in a way you’re depressingly right about the viral ignorance of the consumer majority:  even during the most stringent lockdowns forced by COVID-19, they emerged in droves in single-driver bliss to line up end-to-end idling emissions at ubiquitous A&W/ BurgerKing/ McDonalds/ ETC. across North America in ‘social-distancing’ obedience with a renewed catatonia glazing over their short-lived eco-idealism that had so adrenalized NY’s 2020 with promises of rising collective Climate Action — only to be shot down by the sobering (almost freezing) new ‘normal’ of pandemic-paradigm rigidity. A giant PALL over ALL has STALLED the PROGRESS presumed to bring new hope for future gens with the influx of heartrendingly enthusiastic YOUTH to science-based Climate Activism. & THAT's a CRippLing SHAME..

July 8, 2020

I oppose BC's unethical woLF CuLL program

[My letter to the Prince George Citizen]


Dear Editor(s),

I strongly oppose the B.C. wolf kill program.  Sustained killing of wolves, in the absence of protecting adequate caribou habitat, is unjustifiable. This inhumane activity is contrary to the values of most British Columbians.

The Govt. has permitted forestry, mining & other resource companies to disturb & destroy caribou habitat, & now that some herds are on the brink of extinction, wolves are made the scapegoat (again).  It is avoidance of what really should be done, which is to stop destruction of wildlife habitats.

We would be wise to consider that reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park led to a much stronger, healthier & more resilient ecosystem.  In BC these ecosystems evolved with wolves as an apex predator, & they will not function properly without them.

What these systems did NOT evolve to cope with is massive habitat disturbance/loss as a consequence of logging, mining & oil/gas activity.  Approved old-growth clearcutting, Northern Gateway/TMX pipelines, Site C hydro project & various LNG pipelines do more harm to caribou herds than ANY wolf population.  BC's Wolf Mgmt. Plan itself stated that its wolf-killing programs "have not resulted in any measurable benefits for caribou", while Alberta’s wolf cull "failed to achieve any improvement in Boreal Woodland Caribou survival" (Journal of Zoology, Nov. 2014).

Notably, the UN declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration -- to fight the catastrophic impacts of degraded/destroyed ecosystems on biodiversity, climate, food security & water supply.  ALL experts in this field -- from biologists + conservationists to observers + scientific researchers -- have provided overwhelming evidence that HUMAN INTERFERENCE IN WILDLIFE HABITATS IS DETRIMENTAL TO THE HEALTH + LONG-TERM SURVIVAL OF WILDERNESS ECOSYSTEMS.  

Recognizing the importance of biodiversity & the lasting impacts of species loss, in 2017 the BC NDP Govt. promised to enact a Species At Risk Law by 2020.  In 2019, Premier Horgan announced that no such law was pending "in the foreseeable future".

Govts. must recognize the intrinsic value of healthy species & ecosystems, & the critical role they play in supporting healthy human economies.  We have a moral obligation to prevent species extinction, first by habitat protection -- based on the knowledge of independent ecologists/ traditional knowledge holders.  In accordance with BC's Declaration on the Rights of indigenous People's Act, the Govt. must work with indigenous communities to develop this law.  Before it's too late.

June 26, 2020

BUDGET 2021 - Submission to BC's Legislative Committee

I managed to post my feedback on BC Govt's plans for Budget 2021 by the deadline today, thanks to Ancient Forest Alliance's helpful tool emphasizing the urgency of prioritizing protection of BC's old-growth forests -- at this link, if you're interested:  I've copied & pasted my submission (with added highlights) here:

To the Select Standing Committee on Finance & Govt. Services,

To create a truly sustainable and resilient economy, we must protect the natural ecosystems on which we all depend for our health and survival. Many of BC’s important ecosystems are endangered, threatened by the very real hazards of climate change, overdevelopment and widespread toxic spraying which leaves them vulnerable to beetle infestations and wildfires.  These precious ecosystems support large concentrations of endangered species, wild salmon habitat, drinking watersheds, climate balance, important First Nations cultural sites and outstanding recreational/ tourism opportunities.  Protecting BC's sustaining natural assets --of which old-growth forests unquestionably classify as the most valuable-- is a crucial part of the [NDP-promised] Species At Risk Act, which needs to be legislated ASAP to meet our climate-change goals and our requirements as environmental stewards.

BC’s coastal and temperate old-growth forests are vital for sustaining unique/ endangered species, a multi-billion dollar tourism industry, many First Nations cultures, a stable climate and clean water for communities/ wild salmon.  And we are fast losing these key life-support systems to rampantly destructive clear-cut logging whose short-term, private gains do not come close to offsetting the deadly debilitating costs of destruction by deforestation.

Recent independent research shows that only a tiny fraction (less than 3%) of BC’s highly productive old-growth forests --i.e. those capable of growing big trees-- remain standing today.  Studies have also shown that keeping old-growth forests standing provides a greater overall economic benefit than cutting them down - not only for the critical habitats they provide for BC's threatened biodiversity, but for their prodigious C02-storing services that no other element on Earth provides.  We need these forests intact to help keep our GHG levels from rising and to give this province a chance at fighting the worst effects of climate change.  Importantly, it must be noted that ALL of the C02 stored in old-growth forests is released into the atmosphere when logged.  And once they are logged, these important non-renewable natural assets are lost forever.  Allowing our precious old-growth forests to be logged at their current rate is therefore tantamount to criminal dereliction of our duty as stewards of our own sustaining wilderness ecosystems.

I therefore recommend the BC government prioritize the conservation of endangered old-growth forests in its 2021 provincial budget by:

1) Establishing a dedicated $40 million per year BC Natural Lands Acquisition Fund to purchase private lands of high conservation, scenic, cultural, and recreational value from willing sellers to add to BC’s parks and protected areas system. This $40 million annual fund should increase by $10 million/year until the fund reaches $100 million/year.

2) Contributing funding toward the sustainable development and economic diversification of Vancouver Island First Nations communities in lieu of old-growth logging, similar to the $120 million (including $30 million in provincial funds) provided to First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest in support of ecosystem-based management in that region.

3) Allocating dedicated funding toward the creation, planning, implementation and management of a provincial Natural Lands Acquisition Fund to systematically purchase and protect endangered ecosystems on BC’s private lands for the benefit of communities and species alike -  along with Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) in BC.  IPCAs are increasingly being recognized as effective mechanisms for conserving lands and waters while also supporting the languages, cultures, health, wellbeing, jobs and economies of Indigenous communities - and therefore must be supported and funded in Budget 2021.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah M. Chesterman

May 29, 2020

WhaT COVID-19 waRns us aLL..

(& HOW best 2 respond..)

It should be noted that most flu pandemics (SARS, COVID-19 etc.) have arisen from humans' invasive expLoiTaTion of bats -- & other wildlife habitats where we HAVE NO BUSINESS encroaching -- 4 food, medicine or any other QUACK purpose invented by misguided/ misinformed/ mistaken humans.

#Bats, like all non-human individuals, bring irreplaceable, unique benefits (eg. eating insects) to their native ecosystems.. They need PROTECTION from invasive humans before they too are driven 2 #extinction!  EVERY LEGIT SCIENTIST in the world will say the same thing:  that eating meat is bad 4 our health (& bad 4 the #environment) - IF not THE leading cause of illness in humans!!?

Everyone needs 2 do their part & #GoVegan -- I did, years ago, & it was the easiest transition I ever made!  But I digress --it's not just about DIET it's about living consciously, AWARE that even yr innocuous-looking piece of meat has its #origins in suffering & violence --& eating meat SUPPORTS such harmful, UNenlightened relationships with what I call our 'creature cousins' (cuz I respect Big Mama #Nature).

In fact we aLL have a responsibility 2 steward Earth's #biosphere & aLL lifeforms therein, not only 4 our own heaLth but 4 future generations' survivaL!!  WhaT's not 2 get, this info is fundamental 2 existence!!?  If we don't protect our precious #biodiversity (eg. by #SpeciesAtRisk laws/ divesting fr #FossilFuels..) we put future generations @ risk of extinction!!?  Arguing & ignoring basic #science (as our idiot Govt. does) only exposes our 'leaders' as liars..

Cept NOW, the stakes are so high (w/ #ClimateChange set in) that govt. corruption/ ignorance/ inaction is causing irreversible TOTAL breakdown of Nature's delicate balance (already teetering on the edge, due 2 humans' destructive/ exploitative/ greedy/ insensitive RAPE of Nature's bounty..)

If only the Europeans who came to #Canada had respected, listened to & foLLowed #1stNations' stewardship of nature, built up over millenia to ensure thriving forests/waters/wilds for ongoing longevity & health well into the future..

February 11, 2020

TMX jeopaRdizes BC's biodiveRsiTy

My letter to editors --via LeadNow's tooL @ this link:

Dear editor,

The indigenous-led movement opposing the Trans Mountain expansion project (TMX) is solidly backed by Raincoast Conservation Foundation -- -- whose exemplary studies of Southern Resident Killer Whales show that our Killer Whale population --only 73 individuals as of Oct. 2019-- is critically endangered, facing serious threats "exacerbated by noise, physical disturbance & contaminants" that are having "substantial cumulative & negative effects on their chances of survival & ability to recover."  Raincoast's scientists deem this an "unquestionable emergency" requiring immediate "vital actions" to prevent the "high likelihood that Southern Resident Killer Whales will continue their spiral towards extinction" -- these include "operational measures to reduce noise & disturbance from commercial vessels traveling in/near Southern Resident foraging areas" & taking "steps to limit the cumulative effects of vessel traffic", consistent with the Species At Risk Act's Killer Whale Recovery Strategy.

Evidence submitted to the National Energy Board (NEB) showed the TMX project would lead to a sevenfold increase in tanker traffic through critical Southern Resident habitat, & the NEB in its project reconsideration report concluded “Project-related marine shipping is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects on the Southern Resident killer whale".  The Federal Court of Appeal ruled in Aug. 2018 that Cabinet's approval of TMX failed to comply with the Species At Risk Act, yet despite updated evidence presented in Jan. 2019 by Ecojustice showing TMX-related shipping would impact endangered killer whales, federal govt. approved TMX again in June 2019.. & in Sept. 2019 Federal Court of Appeal declined to hear Ecojustice's challenge on behalf of Raincoast..

It's CLEAR our federal/provincial govts, aided by the Courts, are guilty of their own FAILURE TO UPHOLD RULE OF LAW in dismissing Canada's Species At Risk Act & reneging on their own stated intentions/promises vis-a-vis 'climate emergency' -- primarily to advance private corporate interests of the polluting fossil-fuel activities proven by leading science as KEY CAUSES exacerbating global warming.  Recalling Premier Horgan's promise to do "whatever it takes" to stop TMX, the utter hypocrisy of govt's TMX approval is further exemplified by RCMP raids on Wetsu'wet'en land defenders fighting for BC's future VS. ongoing Govt-approved UNSUSTAINABLE resource development that MAKES A MOCKERY OF 'CLIMATE ACTION' & 'RECONCILIATION'.  We need to RALLY IN SUPPORT OF INDIGENOUS-LED, SCIENCE-DRIVEN EFFORTS & show Govts we'll no longer sit in silence while they fast-track global warming & jeopardize our futures with old policies & subsidies that only guarantee THE WORST OUTCOMES!


Vancouver, BC

February 10, 2020


- cuz SCiENCE aLways wins..

We aLL need to get back to respecting SCIENCE, which just IS -- in a singular category of objectivity, if not its 'last bastion' thereoF..

Science's standardized/ streamlined methodologies exemplify the most efficient/ fruitful/ TRUTHFUL use of human endeavour.. (In an era of artistic license & 'anything goes' -- of random acts & uncertain foes & non-fiction taken for fake news posing as prose (?) SCIENCE PLODS ON, indifferent to traits/ trends & stuck on measured singularities of PLACE/ TIME, in obeyance to its unwavering parameters & consistent procedures that make military regimes seem unhinged..)
Yet for all its unexciting exactitude & unfettered focus on tangible, touchable PHYSICAL REALITY, SCIENCE SUCCEEDS at joining humans in tireless quests for undiluted knowledge & observable overriding truths about our world.. & in doing so, scientists have unearthed the most heartstopping realities & real-life histories that defy the vividest mind of any mortal.. HOW can these epic odysseys of overwhelming magnitude possibly be dismissed with any integrity by self-appointed 'leaders' of whole populations, in favour of paltry fictions & the polluting limitations of ongoing, unchanged use of O&G?
It's taken 1,000s of scientists worldwide working round the clock, using hard-won samples of carefully-measured layers of air & earth & fossils & rock, extracted from physical artifacts/ digs/ dirt/ swamps/ sea-beds/ mountainsides/ cliffs representing different parts of the millions of years embedded therein, then deconstructed & dissected & analyzed & reconstructed & applied to the strictest standards & tested for specific results. The collective consequence amounts to a jaw-dropping Real Natural History of Earth spanning 100s of millions of years -- with ever-accumulating measurements of new finds filling in the blanks, each new discovery illuminating more of the whole, until massive reconstructed worlds are accurately visualized to give us insights into HOW BEST TO PROCEED GOING FORWARD..

[See NOVA TV's 'Polar Extremes']

Point is, WE could be experiencing these ground-breaking discoveries together --shared globally by real [RESPECTED!] scientists sharing their finds as they break them open one by one & unearth the keys to mould our better future-!?  Having this process blocked & downgraded by desperate politicians/ businessmen/ charlatans who profit from polluting systems proven to be the very cuLpRiTs of 100% HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING CONFIRMED BY MODERN SCIENCE is such an obvious perversion to those of us with half a brain who value life beyond constraints of oppression imposed by global leaders profiting from mass consumption of the inefficient, poisonous products they keep hawking, indifferent to the suffering SCIENCE IS SHOWING THEM IN 3-D..

What's gross is the QUACKs/ FoReSTRY HACKS/ FRACKeRs/ O&G cRack LACKeYs & the LiKe  --somehow, against aLL sense of decency/ reason-- have been WINNING, by silencing those of us who are almost hoarse after decades of cLamoRing for JusTice & eco-equaLiTy & future S.U.S.T.A.I.N.A.B.i.L.i.T.y (which is MoRE KEY THAN EVER NOW)..: HOW is indeed a marvel of $$-minded manoeverability of the blind leading the blind, with nothing but personal wealth & obsolete, unETHiCAL [iLLEGAL] eco-destruction mowing down all in their killing paths [furthered by complacent politicians wilfully ignoring conflicts-of-interest/ corruption at the core of lobbyists' non-stop monopoly of their target politicians' sucked-in ears..]

It's exhausting trying to arm everyone with Science + Truth ON TOP OF attending/ organizing rallies to mobilize the general public so your (supposedly Democratic) GovtS wiLL @ leasT LISTEN & mobilize WITH US --as they obviously did during wars-- instead of proving by their underhanded complicity with big-industry polluters that they OUTRIGHT LIE TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THEIR GOOD INTENTIONS & their PRETENSIONS to 'Climate Action' (<---which however, LET'S FACE IT, reveals that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY IN FACT FAVOUR CLIMATE ACTION / GREEN DEALS / NATURE'S PROTECTION oveR appeasing the OiL-soaked POWERS THAT BE..)  BuT WHO ARE WE to demand (/politely request) ouR own GovT's attention, having OBSERVED theiR unheaLTHY dynamics enTRENCHed in their daily M.O.s..

--BUT after trying to URGE EVERYONE I KNOW that VOTING GREEN is the onLy WAY TO GO --the ONLY VALiD alternative to the decrepid ECO-WASTING, U.N.D.R.I.P.-betraying STATUS QUO we've come to SEE RIGHT THRU-- the TRUSTY ECO-DEFENDING GREENS (their Constitution the BEST & mosT egaLiTaRian I've ever seen) go STRANGELY SILENT, & in their election-resultant Minority legitimacy DEMANDING iF NOT MANDATING their NOTED VIEWS on aLL GovT. issues, which oughT to heighten their visibility MORE THAN EVER BEFORE IN THEIR HISTORY, THEY INEXPLICABLY DISAPPEAR FROM VIEW -- on public media, in public events... MISSING this once-in-a-lifetime UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO OPPOSE GOVT.'S NEVER-ENDING, NONSTOP SLEW OF BAD DECISIONS, MISPLACED SUPPORTS & BACKWARD BETRAYAL OF THE PUBLIC THEY CLAIM TO REPRESENT!!??  (But CLEARLY, DO NOT.)  W.T.F.?


[But i digress..]
IF Govts. WERE interested in taxpayers' --as opposed to corporations'-- concerns, we'd already be transitioning EN MASSE to science-based alternatives, regenerative farming, renewable energy sources like geothermal ETC. --ALL OF WHICH HAVE SUCCESSFULLY BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN BC & GLOBALLY WITH OUTSTANDINGLY PRODUCTIVE RESULTS!?  Tragically, most govt. leaders are --STILL!!??-- wielding way too much (unwarranted) power & held in thrall (apparently?) by O&G lobbyists who have managed to monopolize their tiny brains to the exclusion of anyone else in their decision-making... WHICH I CAN'T EVEN FATHOM AS LEGAL!!?? SHOULDN'T GOVT. BE LISTENING TO THE S.C.I.E.N.T.I.S.T.S. & SUING THE POLLUTING CORPS FOR DAMAGES WITH WHICH TO FUND OUR CLEANER, COOLER FUTURE??

February 8, 2020

Dumpin' TRUMP

 {whoever leads the Democrats, THIS is whaT they're up against}

a C.H.A.R.A.D.E.
proudly fabRicaTed in the U.S.A. by
[Americana's cuLT of congeaLed seniLiTy] #Republicans
in whose TRaiLeR TRAP sits their ECO-CRASHiNG KING of CRAP
--lowest low-life @POTUS--
his GREED PARADE troLLing streets,
Tweeting Tweets, roLLing over Rights of Peops..
& TRaiLing TRash 2 eveRy STATE..

[See? T's'eeazy!]

January 10, 2020

My reply to BC Greens' 'leadership' email..

- in which i shouLd have included my outrage at BC Govt's gross inaction RE. Coastal Gas Link's trespassing on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, as succinctly explained by DogwoodBC:
B.C. is refusing to meet with Wet'suwet'en chiefs, and is instead passing off the responsibility to the very pipeline company trespassing on the Indigenous community's land. Where is B.C.'s newly promised approach to respecting Indigenous rights and title 

Re:  BCGreens Leadership Contest 2020

Jan. 7th, 2020

Dear Adam Olsen,

Thanks for your email.  As an active supporter of the BCGREENS for the past decade+, I feel my continuing activism on your party’s behalf has helped contribute to its increased successes. While further advancing GREENS’ policies/values is bound to enable the huge shifts needed for effective climate action, the latest in-party structural shifts appear to have stalled the necessary progress..

TBH I’m extremely discouraged by the apparent absence of BC Greens’ influence on BCNDP’s actions/policies in supporting the provincial minority government.  Where is Greens’ presence in Govt’s horrifying decisions to advance harmful LNG projects in BC?  Or affecting Site-C dam’s (/Peace River valley’s) fate??  How have BCGREENS made their mark on critical BC Forestry revisions/ holding NDP to their promises of creating SUSTAINABLE industries going forward & meeting GHG reduction targets??? Why have I not had Greens’ support for my constant efforts —alongside orgs like Ancient Forest Alliance & Wilderness Committee to stop clearcut logging of BC’s ancient old-growth forests & ban raw-log exports?  Nothing’s more important now! (These key campaigns are very close to my heart)
Our fast-shrinking old-growth forests —BC’s best (/ONLY) efficient C02 sequesters/ intact wildlife habitats— URGENTLY need to be protected by a MORATORIUM placed on permits to CLEARCUT these last bastions of hope for effective C02 control!  The BC NDP’s flimsy measures RE. Climate change are woefully inadequate to enable Reconciliation (via U.N.D.R.I.P.) OR safeguard BC’s communities from predicted ecosystem imbalances.. We desperately NEED our Greens to step in & fulfill their official parliamentary duties —to table science-based solutions & REJECT extinction-drivers (eg. a WOLF CULL?)  Please don’t wait until it’s too late to have your rightful say in BC’s future!  (Can’t in-party re-org WAIT?)

If the BC NDP has been unlawfully blocking BCGreens’ rightful input in decisions/policies affecting our province —as many suspect— is it not your DUTY to publicly report such obstacles blocking due process, so we can properly respond & be included in the process, as well as show support for Greens’ inclusion in our future?  The time is NOW to apply Greens’ considerable ethics/ know-how/ resources/ values to our remade future, which will look much better with —& MUCH worse without— the priceless benefits of Greens’ involvement..

I can’t wait much longer to see more of those good public policies & collaboration across party lines mentioned in your email!



August 14, 2019

TMX = ECO-RUIN eXposed..

        LeTTeR to GoVT

             (+ RepLies!)

To whit, here is my most recent letter vigorously outlining my opposition to building TMX -- followed by the personal response i received from one of the government recipients -- & ending with my response to thaT reply..

[All i can say is, MP Bardish Chagger's email confirmed my worst fears - that BigOil lobbyists have co-opted the favour of our public servants (GOVT!) to the point of bLinding them with historic (status quo) economic arguments that fail to take into account the human-caused 'climate crisis' (/eco-ruin) that demands global action & puts most existing resource-based industries into their own self-perpetuating category of (yes) OBSOLESCENCE.  Either global/ govt./industry leaders apply climate science - which proves global-wide deadly warming exacerbated by the cumulative GHGs of human-made resource development/ land use - & EVOLVE, i.e. ensure sustainability well into the future by transitioning a.s.a.p. away from harmful deforestation & fossil-fuel extraction/use into regenerative eco-management & renewable energy sources in aLL existing sectors.. OR we are guilty of exacerbating the extinction of all lifeforms already under way..

Accountability & responsible science-based practices must be legislated - rigorously enforced, noT optional - in order to reclaim a (thriving) future destiny for EVERYONE..

[ps. NOONE is suggesting taking away your beloved gas-powered trucks or shutting off your home's heating or reverting to horse-&-buggy transport -- but merely switching our power sources to non-polluting + non-GHG-emitting RENEWABLE energy.. ENDING DEFORESTATION & GOING SUSTAINABLE!  What's wrong with that?  You don'T want your kids to have a thriving future sans #EXTINCTION staring them in the face?  Get off your ignorance & join environmentalists & global populations demanding govts. QUIT subsidizing harmful climate change via BigOil/ billionaire polluters!!]

-----Original Message-----

Subject: Protect the climate: Stop pipelines.

Dear Ministers,

I am writing today as I feel strongly compelled to do the right thing & influence your office's decision vis-à-vis the TMX pipeline expansion project.  To ignore the extensive litany of drawbacks, eco-damage, exacerbation of already-dire degradation of coastal health/welfare and --possibly worst of all-- the certain extinction outcome for endangered wildlife species (to name just some of this project's assessed effects reported by your Energy Board), to allow this guaranteed disaster to proceed regardless would amount to a reckless disservice to Canadians, who count on your Govt. to protect our best interests and those of future generations:  your kids AND ours..

Canada is @ a terrifying crossroads -- our families' futures are in your hands.  Many of us fear the relentless lobbying/ pressure by polluting oil corps on a Govt. that has proven woefully weak in their moneyed midst, resulting in ongoing INACTION --i.e. NO REAL REMEDIES to this [CUMULATIVE] climate crisis!!?   How much longer can our Govt. reps sit complacently favouring fossil-fuel damages/risks, rising GHGs & status-quo stasis over desperately-needed legislation & proper initiatives to GO SUSTAINABLE (even in the throes of what is now officially a climate emergency)?

Aren't you ashamed of such disgraceful ineptitude by our Govt. 'leaders', having led us remorselessly to this tragic point?  We have just 11 years to cut our climate pollution BY HALF to avoid a climate catastrophe, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last fall.. Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average, according to an Environment and Climate Change Canada report released last month.. Emissions from the oil sands are as much as 64% higher than oil companies have been telling us.. And Alberta just elected a Govt. whose platform openly rejected all notions of climate leadership, thus proving total irresponsible lack of integrity with no plans to cap tar sands' emissions..

We CANNOT keep making the same mistakes:  our Govt. must TAKE ACTION --NOW-- NOT JUST BY DECLARING A CLIMATE EMERGENCY BUT BY ACTING ON IT!  This is the only decision that makes sense to Canadians -- not because it's an option but because it's a necessity in an emergency.. People's livelihoods are at stake --fossil fuels have long been known as the main culprit-- and our Govt. must lead us into a thriving future by transitioning away from broken, harmful --OLD-- industries and implementing the science-based solutions such as renewable energy, biothermal plants, electric cars.. WE MUST DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS --WHICH MEANS NO NEW OIL/GAS PROJECTS UNDERMINING ALL PRETENSE OF PROGRESS!?  If this is not patently obvious, then obviously polluters --the BigOil lobbyers-- have won over an ignorant, irresponsible Govt... and we Canadians need to change leadership for competent, forward-looking & responsible leaders who will DO THE RIGHT THING FOR CANADIANS AND VOTE IN THE GREEN PARTY.  We cannot afford to wait for Extinction to take over before we enact the changes we need to go sustainable!?  Only two things will rebuild your Govt.'s legitimacy on climate change:

1. Declare a climate emergency
2. Halt all new and proposed oil and gas projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline/ TMX pipeline expansion project.

The expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline would increase shipments of oil by 590,000 barrels a day. That’s an additional 86 million tonnes of downstream greenhouse gas emissions every year. If this figure is new to you, it may be because in February, the National Energy Board refused to study the full life-cycle global warming effects of the pipeline.  86 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of an additional 13 million cars on the road, or 75 million acres of forest loss. And certain extinction of the west coast orca whales, an iconic native wildlife species..

In this important election year, you must do the right thing by declaring a climate emergency and halting the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline expansion, along with all new and proposed fossil fuel projects. It’s the only way to re-establish your government’s --CANADA'S-- legacy/ legitimacy..

Thank you,
Sarah Chesterman

Sent: July 30, 2019 8:33 AM

Subject: RE: Protect the climate: Stop pipelines.

Dear Ms. Chesterman,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me and to share your position. I appreciate hearing from constituents as it allows me to better represent all voices. Your position has been noted. Would you please provide your complete address for our records?
We committed to making real change happen in this country and to grow the middle class. We also committed to building a real plan to protect our environment and fight climate change. We have been clear from day one, the environment and the economy must go together. We believe these goals are not irreconcilable; rather, they are complementary.
TMX solves a core economic challenge facing our country and will support the transition.
In the 21st century, you need to have a plan for the environment, and a plan for the economy. We passed a government motion declaring a climate emergency. We have spent the last four years doing more for our environment than any other government in Canadians history. It is no longer free to pollute in Canada. At the same time, by investing in Canadians, we have created over one million new jobs, lifted 825,000 people out of poverty, and have the lowest unemployment rate on record.
I understand you’re disappointed with the decision to expand our resources to new markets. Currently, 99% of our conventional energy resources are sold to one market – the United States – at a large discount. We need to diversify our markets in order to get a fair price for the products we sell. It does not make environmental or economic sense to sell any resource at a discount. Instead, we will use the extra earnings to fund a clean energy transition.
As the Prime Minister publicly stated, every dollar the federal government earns from this project will be invested to help fund things like electrification projects, investments in renewable resources, and efforts to transition Indigenous communities off diesel-power. Additional corporate tax revenue alone could be around $500 million per year once the project is up and running.
In order to transport our resources across the country, we know that pipelines are much safer than shipping them by rail. By moving forward with TMX, we are creating jobs, diversifying markets, accelerating our clean energy transition, and opening new avenues for Indigenous economic prosperity.
According to former Supreme Court Justice Frank Lacobucci, who was brought in to oversee the consultation process, he said, “The Crown has remedied the defects in consultation identified by the Federal Court of Appeal and has meaningfully consulted with potentially-affected Indigenous groups.”
This decision was based on the confidence that:
-strong environmental protections are in place, and that the effects of the project can be mitigated through conditions and recommendations outlined by the National Energy Board (NEB), as well as measures including the historic $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan and the national climate plan.
-consultations with Indigenous peoples involved meaningful, two-way dialogue, which fulfilled the legal duty to consult and helped identify new accommodation measures and conditions to appropriately address concerns expressed by Indigenous communities.
I too am committed to cleaner future for our kids and grandkids and a greener economy that supports that future. I really do believe we can do both, in a way that it is sustainable. We just cannot afford to lose anymore inches. I would like to reassure you that I will do everything I can to ensure that does not happen. We have a lot more work to do and I am committed to helping to do it.


Office of the Hon. Bardish Chagger
Member of Parliament for Waterloo
360-100 Regina Street South
Waterloo, ON N2J 4P9

My Reply:_____________________________________
From: Sarah Chesterman
Sent: Aug 14, 2019 8:33 AM

Thank you for responding to my heartfelt letter with such an illuminating explanation of your government’s position on this crucial issue, which affords me unprecedented insight into the wilful refusal of Canada’s elected politicians to be guided/informed by our country’s most forward-thinking experts in the fields of science pertaining to the climate emergency which the Prime Minister recently announced is already upon us..
Given our country’s historic lack of public consultation/transparency affecting governance from the time of confederation, to the point that our basic K-12 schooling failed to inform us Canadians about the real truths about Canada’s early foundations – eg. such influential (yet untaught) events as indigenous disempowerment/ reservation/ treatment of natives at the time of first contact!  I myself have learned these shameful facts only SINCE –I.E. AFTER—MY SCHOOLED EDUCATION (as one of the apparent few interested enough to research such critical information).. And now, at this most critical juncture that is now an EMERGENCY THANKS TO THE INACTION OF GOVERNMENTS PAST, your government has clearly done Canadians YET ANOTHER DISSERVICE by withholding the undeniable science dominating the issue of climate change & WHAT IS AT STAKE FOR ALL CANADIANS – FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS, MINIMUM~!
Without evidence of our leaders’ informed understanding of the global CLIMATE CRISIS & its many implications, your assurances/ measures/ plans purported to ‘mitigate’ its worst effects & pacify your [complacent, docile] public FAIL AT THE OUTSET TO PROVE THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS UP TO THE TASK OF ANSWERING THE MOST BASIC FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ‘CLIMATE EMERGENCY’ -- let alone tackle the very real consequences of its worst effects..
For starters, the points in your letter HAVE NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT MY VERY REAL –AND VALID—CONCERNS & FACTS, AS EXPRESSED IN MY LETTER..  I.E. you fail to address the most prominent dangers inherent in the climate emergency that’s upon us, which are the SAME DANGERS INHERENT & MOST PROMINENTLY PRODUCED BY THE TMX PROJECT (I.E. Increased emissions/ fossil-fuel extraction, increased ecosystem destruction, wildlife extinction etc...)  Which only confirms, with even greater urgency, the relevancy of those fears –EG. THE ITEMIZED INCREASES OF DANGEROUS EMISSIONS WHICH WOULD DIRECTLY ARISE FROM THE BUILDING OF THE TMX DISASTER—SINCE THIS TMX PLANNED PROJECT WILL CLEARLY EXACERBATE THE MOST PRESSING ELEMENTS DRIVING CLIMATE CHANGE!  
If you re-read my letter properly, taking in the exact same facts that must have been available to your government from the outset on which the PM would have based his decision to announce the climate emergency to Canada, you will understand why your letter fails in every respect to reassure me of your abilities & sincerity in rising to the pressing occasion with any integrity..
[Naturally, I am terrified at the prospect of your government’s leadership stumbling ineptly into the emergency & fueling its very fires to the inevitable disastrous outcome..]

In disgust & fear,

August 5, 2019


(Letter to Govt)
Written with Wilderness Committee's letter-writing tool --you can write one too! --here:  
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my letter:

TO: Nakusp Mayor & Councillors, Premier Horgan, Minister Heyman, Minister Donaldson, Minister Beare, Mr. Andrew Weaver


Dear Madam/Sirs,

I was so very dismayed to learn of plans for more logging to take place at Summit Lake, home to the largest population of western toads in the world. Every summer thousands visit to watch baby toads migrate from the lake where they are born to the forest they spend their lives in. In fact the BC government once called it “one of the greatest wildlife migrations in the world”.

I recently learned that the Nakusp & Area Community Forest Company (NACFOR) has cut some core toad habitat for timber in recent years. These new cuts could easily endanger these famous toads --& I cannot stand for that to happen!

I am still reeling from this terrible news, as I am shocked you would allow this iconic species to die out due to destruction of their habitat for a one-time profit grab! This shows a very UN-CANadian disrespect of our iconic, precious native wildlife - especially in light of recent exposés on BC's ruthless & unsustainable logging policies. This obsolete attitude is the very antithesis of what we want to honour here in beautiful BC, & i find it unacceptable.

I am asking you today to please set aside a minimum of 670 hectares of this prime wildlife habitat instead of cutting it for timber. The toads rely on intact forest habitat across Highway 6 from Summit Lake, where they migrate & spend 97% of their lives: losing this unique endangered living species would be an unmitigated ecological tragedy that your decision noT to log could prevent! The Wilderness Committee of BC states:
"We ask that no more logging occurs in the 670 Ha of NACFOR’s tenure that has been research-identified as core terrestrial toad habitat. This small area is 'Species at Risk' habitat.. As of 2018 over $800,000 has already been invested to prevent toad deaths on Highway 6, which cuts off Summit Lake from adult toad forest habitat.."

Please: Let’s not waste this investment by recklessly destroying toad habitat across the highway! Many thousands of people would be utterly destroyed by such a callous, careless action..

These world-renowned toads are responsible for Toad Fest, a raging ecotourism success drawing thousands of visitors each year. This event alone can provide sustainable economic opportunity in the growing sector of ecotourism if the native toad population is preserved, being the largest of its kind for this species..

This forest is also home to wild grizzly bears, great blue herons, couer d’Alene salamanders & other species at risk. Protecting its rich biodiversity is a critical imperative, if we are to survive this global crisis let alone thrive -- which isn't likely if we keep logging the healthy forests & wilderness areas that sustain us!?

Instead of irresponsibly cutting down this forest & undermining all cherished values except the one-off sale of timber (which in my opinion would be criminal given the global state of things due to deforestation etc), Nakusp should respect its native local wildlife species & preserve their important habitat, thereby facilitating peaceful enjoyment of this favourite tourist spot for decades to come..

As the sole owner of NACFOR, Nakusp can choose not to log & instead be key conservation partners going forward: this option is preferable for everyone -- except perhaps the habitat destroyers, the logging co's that have unsustainably raped too much of BC for far too long. We cannot afford to lose more carbon-sinking forests, or drive more wild species to extinction..
Enough is enough: a climate emergency is underway, & Canada's performance so far has been shameful at best -- ie. our destructive resource-mgmt methods have contributed to this 'climate crisis' - & we must transition to liveable, sustainable methods that protect remaining healthy ecosystems from harm - for future generations at the very least..

Please do the right thing & protect these toads from unnecessary habitat destruction!

Thank you very much.

Sarah Chesterman
Maple Ridge, BC

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Original message------
From: Charlotte Dawe
Date: Thu, Jul 4, 2019 8:09 PM
To: Sarah Chesterman
Subject:Thanks for being a toad person 🐸

Thank you for speaking up for the toads, Sarah! You are an awesome “toad person” whether this is your first or fifth action to protect species at risk in BC.
Please help us spread the word by sharing this opportunity for action:
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------ Original message------
From: SaRaHC. .
Date: Fri, Jul 5, 2019 10:06 PM
To: Charlotte Dawe;
Subject:Re: Thanks for being a toad person 🐸

Awesome Charlotte, & thanks for the copy of my letter!  I am honoured..🐸 --& as always, i'll keep sharing & writing..

This iS THE most important work I do sooo-- I'll see all campaigns thRu.. come what may!  One thing's sure:  we're on the right side, with more people-power added daily to quash the evil dunderheads who think they'll always get by on their disinformation, lies & pollution that'll topple them all in the end, exposing their ACTUAL hold on things.. 

(I've no doubt it's less than we believed, & disengaging from polluters will ROLL once the tidal wave of CLEAN GREEN BETTER WAYS defeats their toxic ops -- hopefully before aLL forests are felled & extinction has set in..)

Together we wiLL make it happen!

Guess our biggest challenge is our own Govt that gets away with shirking their sworn duties to us people, in favour of pandering to the evil corporate forces that control them.  We'll prevail --we must!-- by (finally) learning from 1st Nations, our rightful leaders from the start..

Cheers!! Keep me posted please..💚


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July 5, 2019

MY [banned!] input on Financial Post's pro-AB-oil article..

[COURSE this was blocked --it's anti-#BigOil & thus a threat to their conflicting interests, which they guard obsessively, like monkeys..]

Link to that article:

Here's my comment..

Reply to @Brian Barbour: 

"And Alberta's oilsands industry isn't an ecological disaster that's turned northern Alberta into a belching oozing toxic wasteland that makes a mockery of Canada's [clearly nonexistent] climate 'leadership'? But as the world --finally-- clues in to the devastating effects of 150+ years of aggressive industrial pollution/rape (of which fossil fuels is only a --albeit large-- cause) & scrambles desperately to turn back time, rein in polluting GHGs, operate sustainably & undo the worst damage..

THAT's when good ol' Cowboy Canada decides to roll up & slap down a few billion bucks of stolen taxes (the die-hard Colonial way: appropriate don't ask.. natch) & announce Canada's ALL IN on the works --brand-new pipeline, tar sands expansion.. INCLUDING the world's largest open-pit mine, right next to the globally important Great Bear Rainforest, protection of which is a critical imperative due to its role as the 'lungs of the world' -- a status certain to suffer from its proximity to Teck's monstrous ode to obsolescence.. 
"That oughter cheer up them pesky cousins up north --yew know, those hard-livin Albertans eh? Lord knows they'll whine if they don't all get new trucks fer Xmas...Course we'll keep its reaL purpose --exportin it ALL to the most pollutin continent on the planet-- hush-hush til the deal's done, & those uppity BCers protectin their 'precious' coastal livins can cry all they want that the extra tankers will drive orcas to extinkshun --serve em right fer denyin us our god-given right to dirty jobs & new trucks.. Eh?" 

Nope, they'll still whine. It's what they DO.. Tar sands = their world, & we're forced to tolerate their polluting embarrassment for a few extra bucks back East? 

"Kinda CORRUPT.. Eh?"

July 4, 2019


I am writing to express my  extreme dismay over the tax breaks Premier Horgan is committing to BC's LNG industry, as if this industry has been properly  researched & found to be a low-C02 answer to the climate emergency now underway:  it hasn't -- & it isn't.

The most recent IPCC report gives us only a decade to cut global carbon pollution in half.  But LNG Canada would be the most polluting project in BC, requiring thousands of new fracking wells in the northeast, as well as raising our GHGs to dangerous levels. CleanBC is clearly inadequate, as I & others loudly protested in vain, as it virtually guarantees BC will miss its targets if the expansion proceeds as planned.

While I work hard to reduce my carbon pollution & that of others, including switching to a 100% vegan diet & campaigning against mining/ logging/ plastics/ pollution, the provincial government wants to undo my efforts by building LNG Canada!?  What an insult to those of us who keep informed & updated of our province's progress..

In light of recent news about Canada's fracking/ pipeline/ waste woes --in addition to our poor performance re. climate issues-- giving huge tax breaks to establish a new fossil fuel industry is irresponsible -- if not utterly genocidal.

Please stand up to Premier Horgan & tell him to withdraw these insane subsidies to the fossil fuel industry --the very sector scientists blame for the climate crisis upon us!  Look up Genus (fossil-free) Capital & see examples of positive corporate change among us --& ask Premier Horgan to step up to the task at hand, per his sworn duties as Premier!

Personally, I don't know ONE person who thinks this Govt's reckless approval of new fossil fuel projects bodes well for BC's future/ economy.  Govt. needs to stand up to polluters & demand they pay for our necessary transition to clean renewable energy.. NOW NOT LATER!

Pandering to polluting fossil fuel corps is completely out of step with our commitments & requirements going forward, & holds us back from climate recovery & a sustainable future!  Informed BCers oppose such misuse of tax dollars as ominous assurance of failure to deal with the challenges & looming disasters plaguing our future sustainability. We feel helpless when all we can do is frantically write letters while watching our future health & prosperity --& those of our kids-- go up in smoke..

I therefore beseech you to use your position as MLA to effectively put forth these serious concerns & oppose any further spending on fossil fuels, esp. LNG.  Furthermore, it's noT unreasonable to take these polluting corps to court & enforce payouts due, for causing this climate hell that promises to worsen if we don't act now!  It's the very least we should do in our lifetime, while we still have a chance to turn things around..

(The alternatives are truly unthinkable. And Govt has run out of chances to right those wrongs & protect the people's interests..)

Thank you for your consideration & time, & in advance for taking action while  still in office..

(The Green Party is coming --to undo the Cons/ NDP/ Liberals damage that's led to this shameful point in history, due to reaping without sowing Nature's now-sorely-degraded resources --which our native First Nations had stewarded successfully for millennia:  SHAME!)