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November 16, 2016


This coulda been our nod to native roots, a Musqueam Memorial Park that honoured our history with a proper 'GreenestCity' gateway..

See original timeline via photos of my attempts to save this urban parkland: FLicKR.com/ParkInPeril/.

I'm revising this post's date to put it closer to the top:  Key lesson --that trying & failing is, still, FAiLing! Grr..

[Jan. 2012]  I've been away - head in the clouds (well, on the Island actually).  Which i regret.  Cuz meanwhile, Vancouver's City Council has APPROVED another massive concrete 'mixed-use' tower complex called 'MARINE GATEWAY' @ Cambie & SW Marine (the 'Marine Drive' Canada Line station).  I was there for the first time in months recently, & my heart froze @ signs showing what's in store for this gallant patch of green...

Situated smack on traffic-heavy S.W. Marine, in a rare relief of sloping parkland, at least 30 thriving old-growth trees - some towering 4-5 storeys tall - silently await their fate,  as advertised on giant billboards littering the park.  Their replacement is depicted as a glittering urban centre bustling with nightlife:  a  slap in the face for residents of Marpole, one of Van's MOST TRAFFIC-CONGESTED spots where air quality is saved onLy by this tranquil urban park..

So THAT's what Vision Vancouver's future 'GREENEST CITY' is about?  'DE-greening' would more accurately describe what's been proposed here -- if not TOTAL DISREGARD FOR OUR 'PROTECTION OF TREES' BYLAW:
This news article clarifies some facts:  

I went back & photographed this pending death-zone so you could see the stately elders that have outlived their human counterparts (ie. our ancestors, @ least those of us from BC) & provided countless benefits -- including mitigating nearby industry pollution -- as Marpole's only park oasis..

A month or 2 after these were taken, this site had fast degraded to become a dumping-ground of advertising, billboards (more than what you see here), litter and random equipment such as excavators.

Here are PCI's heLLish plans for Marine Gateway:
& the City of Vancouver's Marine Gateway planning page: 

[Nov. 16, 2012:  i cried my eyes out when, some months later, i drove past Cambie & Marine & looked to where those carbon-catching wonders had been bulldozed off the map as feared, along with every wild lifeform they'd supported, & replaced with the relentless snarling grind of construction --  our new concrete 'gateway' into a fictional 'Greenest City' -- CouveNiRs,  city of lost yesteryears.  My heart's still heavy with the weight of faiLing Mama NaTuRe (CRIES!) but I won't give up -- just need to find others who GET IT & work together to LEGiSLATE protection from govt. corruption/ heritage destruction..]

UPDATE:  City Hall enquiry underway -- click on FLICKR. com/ParkInPeril/7)