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So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

March 20, 2011


Organized by CATCA and HOPE-CARE

The Anti-SealHunt Motorcade - March 26th, Saturday at 10:00AM

This year for the Annual Anti-Sealing Day, CATCA is delighted to join forces with HOPE-CARE and its Founder/President, our colleague Anthony Marr, who is well known for his animal advocacy work around the world and who was honoured with the "Best All-Around Activist Award" by Negotiation Is Over (NIH) in January 2010, and the "Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award" by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) at the 2010 Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC.
"Tell someone that 360,000 baby seals are being killed this year, his left brain will shelf it under 'big number', and his right brain doesn't quite see it, his emotion doesn't get involved," says Anthony, "But if you can somehow show his right brain its scale, he'll likely take action."
So, how do we show this vision to the public? Via media, of course. Says Marr, "What media wants is not so much information but drama, something new in the message or the delivery - preferably both..."
The idea of the motorcade was conceived by Marr for his Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-tours), which have proven extremely effective as media tools.
Although he has done many motorcades in the US, Marr has yet to have one in his own hometown of Vancouver. Now it's Vancouver's turn!
We ask that media show up around 10:30 AM, when we will be decorating vehicles with posters and ribbons. TV cameras will go around zooming into the posters etc., while reporters will randomly interview participants.
At 11:00 AM, Anthony Marr will lead the procession on his motorcycle from downtown Vancouver via the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler, rain or shine. The event will end at Whistler at 1 PM with a media conference.
We hope you will able to go all the way to Whistler for a good arrival show. Even if not, please join in the departure from Vancouver.  After that, you can go as far as you want - Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Brittania Beach, Squamish... Those without cars, please come for the media assembly.  See you there!
Campaigns Against The Cruelty To Animals
Western Canada Anti Sealing Coalition

10:00 AM - Meet at the waterfront parking lot @ Beach & Bute
10:30 AM - Vehicle decoration & media reception
11:00 AM - Departure from Vancouver
12:00 PM - Media reception in Squamish
 1:00 PM - Media reception in Whistler
 1:15 PM – Lunch in Whistler, then return to Vancouver

Co-organizer Ericka Ceballos of CATCA has taken her message to Europe and participated in many large animal-welfare conferences worldwide. Due in large part to her efforts, the EU joined the US in banning the importation of Canadian seal products.

Check out Ericka’s past work @ http://www.catcahelpanimals.org/

MEDIA RELEASE:  http://homosapienssaveyourearth.blogspot.com/2011/03/video