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April 4, 2011

Anti-SealHunt Motorcade: MEDIA!

Anthony Marr's blog report of the Anti-SealHunt Motorcade:

See the video of this event here:

PlanetSedge said...
I felt privileged taking part in this event protesting Canada's commercial Seal 'Hunt', for the sake of the seals. But i'm somewhat shocked to be the first to comment here, more than a week later - since the Seal Hunt's sadly still going strong, with thousands more baby seals set to be slaughtered...
I for one cannot in good conscience allow this senseless, unfair ambush on wildlife habitats (where humans have no business even BEING) in a gruesome bloodbath that defies all decency + degrades our very dignity as Canadians ~BESIDES MAKING A MOCKERY OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AS WILDLIFE STEWARDS...
So our only other option is to try + stop this slaughter, using our solidarity from the Motorcade as a weapon for fighting this 'evil within'...
With this Call to Arms, i hope to see some of those nice people i met last weekend on this blog - where (with Anthony's expert guidance!) we can formulate more strategies + increase our chances of success!?
Here's to you,
SARAH C. (the redhead who held up starting-gate traffic!)