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February 17, 2011

BE KIND 2 ANIMALS (for F@#K's sake!)

IF humans can be so cruel to their BEST FRIENDS...

February 1, 2011 :  A Whistler, BC man sought financial compensation for 'emotional trauma' after slaughtering - in the most cold-blooded, disgusting manner possible - 100 of his own sled-dogs, afterward horrifying most of the general public by trying to JUSTIFY his decision to 'cull' (= kill) his beautiful hard-working animals saying he couldn't afford them after 2010 Olympics business dropped (huh? who wouldn't anticipate that math? NOT valid...) & that they weren't 'adoptable':  a 'cullible', heartlless P.O.S.... Here's my response:

HOW can such a horrible fate be decided for these beautiful, innocent creatures in the first place? by an animal-based outfit - IN AN INDUSTRY THAT, YOU'D THINK, WOULD PUT ANIMALS FIRST & ENFORCE THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF ANIMAL TREATMENT?? How could anyone who owns/runs a dogsledding outfit NOT be an animal lover??? & how could an animal lover even CONSIDER carrying out this monstrous & merciless act of PuRE EViL?????
I became vegan because these & other equally difficult questions have no happy answers. Most humans suck.
Is 'culling' (= killing) BC's precious wildlife (& now, apparently, its working creatures) so common that those with cruel intent toward them think such brutality is OK?  It is NOT.  SO, BC Government:  I suggest we legislate much stricter laws to protect the innocent - i.e. non-human - animals among us, to afford them the protection they deserve from such potential harmful situations - inflicted on them by humans.  Natch.
Those responsible for this sickening slaughter MUST be severely dealt with in court, to be made examples of in underscoring how grossly unacceptable such actions are in our society.  Secondly, we need to put proper (i.e. updated) animal-welfare laws in place to protect our most vulnerable members of society.

One wonders, post-trauma, why the SPCA did not conduct an inspection of the sled-dogs' home and place of work, as they had apparently intended?  Why did Eileen Dreger (of the SPCA) decide these dogs were 'not adoptable' on one person's (sight-unseen) say-so? Why did the SPCA not at least attempt to provide some sort of help where it was clearly needed?  I just don't get it.

As an anti-speciesist & longtime-vegetarian-turning-vegan, lifetime pet owner, I have come to believe that the very best we could do for all the thousands (if not millions) of non-animal species with whom we share the planet is to LEAVE THEM BE to live their lives as their ecosystems/instincts dictate, without human interference - which would of course include keeping their wilderness habitats intact & therefore preserve Earth's precious ecosystems.  BUT!  THAT ideal doesn't take into account our historic ties with domesticated animals & our self-appointed [arrogant?] positions of responsibility as their 'stewards' (which STILL does not authorize/legitimize 'culling' of any sort)... If we weren't such selfish creatures, as some rare & dedicated souls (eg. Jane Goodall) have discovered we can learn so much more about them (& thus about ourselves) through sensitive hands-off observation of animals in the wild than by killing/owning/using them for selfish purposes.  Instead of diminishing, the latter has grown to unsustainable proportions - ( which would be logical, given our increasingly sedentary - i.e. lazy - lifestyles/outlooks & lost connections with Earth/nature).  With nature - in particular rainforests - in such a global crisis, going vegan really would  -dependance on technology that distance us further from our ties with nature & Earth obviously grown  of :  this perspective is gaining many followers, because it feels good - AND because its practice helps reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ecological/environmental destruction caused by meat-producing industries... Do yourself a favour and look into Veganism's many benefits - if you haven't already...

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I hope this sickening story - and the justifiable outrage surrounding it - will stick in people's minds as a sobering-up of how so many innocent creatures are abused for selfish human purposes (kept from view and just as undeservedly forgotten).

Eg. The massacre of baby seals on our east coast continues, despite endless petitions and protests, with government subsidies/supprt from fisheries minister Gail Shea – an avid proponent of this unthinkably indecent horror show, who recently filed a formal challenge to the EU ban on trading in these commodities of butchery on behalf of Canada (behind our backs)...

Since Canadians get nowhere telling government (= our public servants!) that we support the EU's and all other (U.S.) widespread bans on all trade resulting from Canada's cruel SealHunt, then we must protest with our actions and - most importantly - our pocketbooks.  This involves:  (a) BOYCOTTING all Canadian seafood products, which includes fast-food chains such as McDonald's and Red Lobster, (b) BOYCOTTING all fashion designers who market products made from baby-seal fur/skins - such as Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan/DKNY, Gucci, Prada and Versace... [For a highly comprehensive list of answers to questions on the Seal Hunt, go to Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd site @ this link:  http://www.seashepherd.org/seals/seals-faq.html ... Don't let our wildlife suffer such horrible endings – if we don't take the initiative to change – who will?