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March 28, 2013

So like, STOP the fucking Seal Hunt NOW!?

[First, the FACTS - please read: http://liberationbc.org/issues/seal_hunt]

Second - SO U know:  i'm a diehard activist/ animal-rights advocate/ 'Earth-warrior'/ eco-activist whose forays into activism several years ago began with the campaign to Stop Canada's Seal Hunt --& i've been working at it ever since...

I just received a[nother] email from one of the big non-profits of which i am a member, requesting [more] $upport to stop Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt  -- decorated with a disturbingly familiar photo of a bloodied east-coast ice field covered with the butchered bodies of my poor baby seal friends taking up the whole page -- & i began to FUME [again].  WHAT ABOUT PROMISES THAT SHUT-DOWN WOULD BE 'IMMINENT'?  WHAT WAS DONE WITH ALL THE SUPPORT FROM LAST YEAR?  THE YEAR BEFORE?? THE ONE BEFORE THAT???

Well guess what?  After working myself up into a tightly-wound ball of seething, wounded rage (resulting in a flurry of activism -- giving, giving til i'm only good for hanging on a line) this time each year, i'd been built up to expect success via Senator Harb's new bill proposing buy-outs of those soulless Newfie sadists.  Instead?  I'm hearing Harbie's bill did NOT go thru (HUH?) --i'm thinking WHERE WERE YOU (M'FERS) WITH ALL THAT BACK-UP (& believe it, the seal 'hunt' iS, bar none, non-profits' biggest campaign guaranteeing donations in the thousands, if not million$, as well as signatures from 90,000 + on each petition which, times 4/5 petitions per year, is A LOTTA people wanting it to end) & i'm realizing the wrenching turmoil of another bloody season of heartbreak & indignities inflicted on Canadian baby wildlife is imminent, & there's nothing i (nor apparently anyone from PETA, IFAW or any other group that's 'committed' to ending the Seal Hunt) can do to convince my government to stop the suffering before it starts again...

Now, i'm really stressing out... & for the first time since joining that organization, i find myself doubting their commitment to this cause.  C'mon, if they can get Iggy Pop on TV railing against the Seal 'Hunt'... ?

So I wrote them a letter - shown on my Care2.com page:


Feel free to sign any or all of the petitions shown in that article!

[Photo of Brigitte Bardot with seal pup courtesy Paul Watson of SeaShepherd]